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Where to Place a Mirror: The Ultimate Guide

There are a lot of factors that go into the placement of a mirror. The size and shape of the room, where you plan to put your bed, dresser, or other furniture- these all factor into whether you should place your full-length mirror on the opposite wall from a window or not. This blog post will discuss how to find what is best for you!


Some people are so lucky to have square rooms, and then they can place their mirror on any wall. If you don’t want it in your bedroom at all that’s cool too!

Many bedrooms do not house full-size dressers or other furniture because of space constraints, but if yours does, consider putting the mirror against a wall with lots of light for more natural coverage than overhead lighting provides.

You might also find it helpful to put the bed near whatever side you decide upon placing your mirror. Whichever way works best will make sure that when you’re getting dressed every day, there is enough room for both yourself and whatever clothes rack/dresser setup you prefer:)


Now let’s talk about some different placement options like you can have a long skinny mirror or a rectangular one. If it’s going to be placed in a bathroom, the best place for it is the closest wall opposite your shower because that way when you get out of the shower and look up into the mirror, there will be no glare from an either light fixture on its top edge!

You could also use this space as an opportunity to not only keep items such as toiletries visible but to also store them by placing cabinets below for easy access while keeping everything looking clean and organized at all times:)


mirror in living room

In the living room, you can put a full-length wall mirror in a corner so that way it acts as two mirrors side by side to make the space feel twice as big!

A living room is another place where you can have your full-length mirror. The most popular location for this type of mirror in living rooms is on one wall opposite the sofa and TV stand, or simply right next to them if there’s not enough room.

Another good idea would be to hang a large rectangular-shaped mirror above your fireplace mantelpiece since fireplaces typically act as focal points within living spaces. As long as they’re placed at eye level with whoever usually sits on the couch then everyone will enjoy staring into their beautiful reflections from time to time 😉


Mirrors are a great way to make a room seem larger and brighter, but there’s one thing they don’t show: fireplaces. A mirror on any wall opposite the fireplace will reflect what you can see in it (including your fireplace!), which will give off the illusion of more space for your guests to enjoy!

If you’re worried about making things too cluttered, try adding just one large rectangular-shaped mirror above your mantelpiece instead. This will still be able to capture all of the light from candles or flames without being overwhelming or looking unappealing.


In the kitchen, you want to use the mirror to make your cooking space feel large. When you’re baking or stirring food in a pot, try using a full-length mirror on one of the kitchen walls opposite you so that it reflects what’s happening in front of you. This will give your small space an illusion of more room for all of those pots and pans!

Child’s Room

Children love looking at themselves in a mirror, so it’s a great idea to have one in their room. The best place for this is usually on the wall opposite your window, or just across from where they sleep with a nightlight on. This way, when they wake up and want to look at themselves before going back to bed, you can also use that time as an opportunity for some sweet bonding moments!

Over a Desk

A wall-mounted mirror can be placed over a desk to help you better see what’s in front of you. This is especially helpful if the light from your window isn’t great and will reflect on whatever it is that you’re working with!

On Top of Cabinets or Shelves

If there’s an open space near one of your shelves, cabinets, or counters – anywhere where oftentimes we place some decorative items like pictures or vases – consider placing a mirror right smack dab in the middle for people to check their appearance before they walk out into public.

On a Table

Use a mirror that’s small enough to fit on a table or desk and place it in the center so that people can use it when they need it.

Over a Buffet

A mirror over a buffet table can help make a room feel more spacious and give guests the chance to check their appearance before they sit down.

In front of a Window

If you have natural light coming from outside, consider placing your mirror either in the reflection or just next to it so that people who are standing up close get better visibility when using it! This is also an excellent place for those who like to do hair and makeup while watching TV.

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