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What Are the Essential Vegetables to Buy While Making Pho?

Pho is often associated with bones and meat chunks, fresh herbs, and many aromatic spices. But pho is not only limited to chicken noodle soup; it is much more than that. It is the powerhouse of many ingredients. If you follow the authentic Vietnamese Pho Ga Recipe in Tampa, Florida, then you need to have more ingredients other than meat. There are many types of vegetables used in making pho. Vietnam has a significant population of Buddhists who are vegetarians. It is also blessed with a climate suitable for vegetation. The plain terrains and fertile lands are ideal for vegetation. Some of the popular vegetables are mentioned below-

1. Rau Muong

Rau Muong is a widely popular leafy vegetable that can be grown on the ground or in water. It is grown throughout Vietnam irrespective of the region and soil type. The English name of Rau Muong is morning glory. Blanched morning glory is widely used as a side dish for Pho dishes. You can also find a plate of Rau Muong with any Vietnamese pho soup in Tampa, Florida. Some of the other Rau Muong dishes include Garlic Rau Muong and Poached Rau Muong. Locals grow morning glory plants at their homes and use them in all their meals.

2. Dua Chuot

Dua Chuot is widely known as a cucumber in English. The refreshing flavor of the cucumber helps in coping up with the scorching summers. It is a part of many side dishes. Salad is a popular dish in Vietnam, and Dua Chout is one of the key ingredients in the salad. Vietnamese also loved pickled cucumber and ate it every season during the year. Most of the street dishes are served with pickled cucumber on the side. It is essential to add Dua Chuot in any sandwich stuffing. The mild flavor, freshness, and crunchiness make it ideal for a refreshing side dish. Lemony Dua Chout is a popular side dish at a pho noodle house in Tampa, Florida.

3. Cai Lan

Cai Lan is a leafy vegetable that is one of the essential ingredients in the soup. It is added to Pho broth and hotpot stock to enrich the flavors. Cai Lan is also known as Choy Sum and is found in all the regions of Vietnam. It tastes a bit bitter first but has a long-lasting sweet flavor to it. Cai Lan blends perfectly with broth flavors and does not overpower other ingredients. Vietnamese also love to eat Cai Lan in salads. It is also a perfect fit for stir-fried beef and mushrooms. However, Cai Lan must be cleaned thoroughly. Otherwise, the soil will stick to it.

4. Baby Bok Choy

Baby bok choy is one of the most loved vegetables in Vietnam. It is flavorful and has a distinct earthy taste to it. Besides the taste, Baby Bok Choy is also a versatile vegetable as it goes well with ginger, garlic, oranges, beef, chicken, shrimp, and fish. Bok Choy is often included in making salads, soup, and broth. It is a prominent ingredient in vegetarian dishes like hotpots, sandwiches, and pho. Baby Bok Choy is also a rich source of nutrients and vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

5. Bap Cai

Cabbage in Vietnamese is known as Bap Cai. One can find Bap Cai at any household in winters. It has a sweet taste and is a rich source of vitamins. Bap Cai is famous for its disease-resistant properties. It is sweet and also has mild flavors. Cabbage is a popular vegetable in many countries like South Korea, China, and Japan. Winters are meant for spicy cabbage pickles in these countries.

6. Rau Xa Lach

Rau Xa Lach is a popular leafy vegetable in Vietnam. The English translation of Rau Xa Lach is Lettuce. A lettuce leaf is served with almost all the fried dishes. Many people use it as a wrap to wrap the fried beef and pork dishes. The lettuce leaves make the dishes colorful and vibrant. The subtle flavors and rich nutrients eliminate the negative impact of fat and carbohydrates in the dishes. In many vegetarian dishes and spring rolls, lettuces leaves are used as a layer or makeshift containers for the dishes and salad.


Vegetables are an integral ingredient in pho. It is rich in vitamins, fibers, and minerals. Restaurants include vegetables to add a crunch and earthiness to any Vietnamese pho soup in Tampa, FloridaIf you plan to have authentic pho, then one can easily visit the pho noodle house in Tampa, Florida.

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