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The Top 9 eRestaurant Apps in 2021

Are you feeling hungry? Want to eat on a busy day and you don’t have time to cook? With a smartphone, you don’t need to worry about it. Open the eRestaurant app on your phone and place the order, whatever you want, to eat. It’s really quick and easy nowadays. There are many restaurant apps available according to your food choice and the city you live in. Download from your google play store and look around the best food restaurant apps of 2021. What are you going to eat? Let’s discuss the best and top food apps. 

  • Food Panda

Food panda is an online food and grocery delivery platform owned by delivery hero, and the headquarters is in Berlin, Germany. To get food panda delivery, you need to simply locate the restaurants by typing the address through a variety of restaurants with different food menus and tastes. All your restaurant is in a single place. The food panda app is operating in different countries with all large states or cities. So, you can use this app anytime and anywhere to place an order and get the food on your doorstep. 

  • McDonald’s 

There is nothing free food and all the deals on your favorites. If there is any discount available, then the McDonald’s app offers it through purchases, mobile apps. You can use your phone to pay and pick your order when it’s completed and also have access to exclusive deals for the different users and other notifications you can get related to food sweepstakes and many more. The McDonald app is free and you can download it for the ios and android devices as well.  

  • Starbucks 

Who doesn’t love coffee nowadays? Everyone loves coffee when it is coming from Starbucks. Starbucks offers discounts to receive different rewards on purchases, including free food, coffee according to your choices. Also, you can use the Starbucks eRestaurant app to track, pick up and use gift cards and many more. Starbucks is free to use and available on both iOS and Android.

  • Chick-fil-A

If you want to eat chicken wings or chicken sandwiches, you can use the Chick-fil-A app. But this app provides a reward program that results in rewards for free food and many more. By using this app, you can use the chick-fil-a app for the rewards of getting the food, save your favorites for later, and you can see the status of your points. 

  • Chipotle

The burrito of the dreams is no longer as you consider it fantasy. Using the chipotle app, you can create a unique order by customizing the food specification using this eRestaurant app. And there is also a feature of Pay App with both versions, e.g., ios, and android, for paying the fast. 

  • Domino’s

Domino’s app is available in both versions. This app sends instant notifications to customers if the order is ready for pickup and you can go now. The domino has the prominent feature of tracking that helps to send the notification instantly. Domino is available on the apple watch for an even and great looker at your pizza order. 

  • Shake shack

Don’t you want to wait for more after ordering the food? Right! So you can do that using the shake shack app. Place an order using the shake shack app and pick up the order in a few minutes nearest to your location. And you can see all the other food menus, nutrition, and allergen information within seconds. 

  • Sonic 

Sonic is an app where you can get half-price discounts for soft drinks. You need just to place an order and you will get all the soft drinks on your doorstep. You can also customize your soft drink using the sonic customized features with this eRestaurant app. It is one of the new apps that you can make customization in your order prior to purchasing it. 

  • Panda Express

You can order food for a group using a panda express app. By using the other different apps, you cannot order food for a group. That is where the panda express is having great importance. This app helps you make it easy to pick menu items, drinks, and other things to complete your order. And you can also choose a pickup time that can best be suited to your needs. Also, this app is free for ios and other android devices. So this is the best restaurant management system app.

SW3 solutions has the great expertise to build the eRestaurant apps. This company is also dedicated to providing custom software development services, web application development, e-commerce solutions, and many others. If you are looking for the development of any software or mobile app, you can reach us at info@sw3solutions.com

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