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What a Dubai Desert Safari is Really Like?

  1. As one of the most beautiful Middle-East cities, Dubai, has always been on the top of travel lovers’ bucket lists. The capital of UAE has always managed to charm people from across the world with its natural and manmade beauty. You can never get enough of the luxuries of the city since they are beyond your counting abilities. The Desert safari dubai is one such activity that will leave you with a bag full of rich experiences.

A Guide to Trekking Morocco's Scorching Desert

The desert safari in this city is more thrilling than any other part of the globe. You will make countless memories on these tours that are packed with adventurous activities. This post will give you an insight into what should you expect from various types of desert safari in dubai. So, make a note of all the important pointers if you are visiting this beautiful desert city sometime soon.


Embracing the Morning with the Rising Sun


Have you ever witnessed a sunrise in the desert? If not, you are missing out on a major life event that only lucky ones get to enjoy. Sunrise in the Arabian Desert should not miss your checklist since you can capture the beauty of the sun here. This photogenic spectacle will grace your memory for a lifetime, making you long to go back every time you see the snaps.


Skiing on the Dessert Sand


No snow, no problem! 10 great places to hit the sandy slopes | From the Grapevine

The vast stretch of sand of the desert will make the perfect pitch for you to try your hands (actually legs) on sand skiing. You can take the ski over the high dunes and feel the sand under your gear. This will help you garner the best desert safari dubai experience. However, you should follow the words of the instructor and do not miss out on the safety gear.


Bashing the Dunes in a Jeep Safari Ride


Dune bashing is one of the most favourite sports of people visiting the Dubai desert. You will be riding a 4×4 SUV or a Jeep and travel through the gusty wind and golden sand. These safari rides usually last for about half an hour and help you grasp the beauty of a huge portion of the desert.


Strolling the Desert on a Camel


Riding the tallest desert animal and moving around is a lifetime experience that you should not miss out on when in Dubai. Camel riding is included in every premium desert safari dubai and is extremely enjoyable. Usually, two people ride on a single camel and are taken around by an instructor. Although you might be scare when the camel steps up, the outcome is memorable.


Enjoying a Momentous Ride on Hot Air Balloons


17 Best Things to Do in the Desert of Dubai - Sandboarding, Camel ...

If you want to enjoy the perfect 360-degree view of the entire Arabian Desert, hot air ballooning should be your foremost choice. These balloons can support 24 people at a time and will fly at a height from where you can enjoy a spectacular view. You can witness the desert wildlife comprising of various animals and birds.


Riding the Quad Bikes on the Desert


Quad bike | Desert Safari in Dubai, UAE | New Horizon Travel & Tours


Quad biking is considered one of the most thrilling adventures in a Dubai desert safari trip. These huge bikes are great to sit on and take an amazing ride on the desert sand. If you are an adventurous peson, you should look for quad biking options while booking your trip to the Arabian Desert.


Witnessing the Happening Nightlife of the Arabian Desert


Sahara desert experiences snowfall, so does Saudi Arabia! | Times of India Travel


The nightlife of the Arabian Desert comprises nothing short of luxuries. You will enjoy beautiful dancers performing belly dance like a pro. Expert performers stage spectacular shows with swirling, fire eating, and other activities you might have watched in movies. Besides, you can also enjoy a bonfire and BBQ with your friends under the night sky.


Gorging on the Delectable Arabian Dishes


Oudh 1590 | Blog


You will enjoy lip-smacking dishes in the dubai desert safari location that will treat your taste buds like never before. These stretched buffets contain a wide range of options, including kebabs and other Iranian dishes. Numerous options of Lebanese dishes also make their way to the buffet list, and thus, a food lover shall have the best time of his life.


Gazing the Stars throughout the Night


12 top tips for stargazing - BBC Sky at Night Magazine

After you are done with the entire day’s activities and mouth-watering food, you should end your day with stargazing. Dubai desert nights are most windy and chilled than the scorching mornings. The ambience is calm, and you can spend hours looking at the bright stars twinkling from millions apart. You can plan a romantic ride with your partner in a comfortable car and capture the beauty of the night.




This is how your Desert safari dubai tour shall look if you are availing of the services of reputed tour planners. So, book the best Dubai desert safari package and get the best out of the mesmerizing Arabian Desert.

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