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Ways To Make Your Own Long Lasting Perfume For Women

Perfume for women is a source of bliss! Have you ever desired or craved to make your own women’s perfume? If yes, then you definitely should. Because, trust us when we say this – It is the easiest DIY beauty project you could perform! Unless, of course, you wish to buy natural female perfumes from brands like Adiveda Natural. 

Coming back to DIY women’s perfume making! A few organic essential oils here and the set of right base constituents there. And, you will discover a million perfumes for women! Isn’t it wonderful to find so many possibilities? Well, we know your answer. We have shortlisted a few of our favorite perfume for women DIYs. We have also listed a few tips. They will help you create your homemade female perfumes. And, these will last longer on you as well as in the bottle.

Distinctive Ways To Make Your Own Women’s Perfume

Solid Female Perfumes

Solid female perfumes are perfectly fit for traveling. You can even keep them in your purse. Because they are made with beeswax. It requires a ratio of 2 parts carrier oil to 1 part beeswax. This is a way to create the perfect consistency. So that it turns solid, however not too hard.

You can even make it with jasmine and clove. This solid perfume for women can easily be converted into a scented lotion bar. All you need to do is add a little more beeswax. Further, you can even include some shimmery powder as per your wish. Next, pour the mixture into some fun containers for a DIY gift!

1. DIY Sandalwood Vanilla Solid Perfume For Women

This DIY solid women’s perfume brings along a lot of warmth and sweetness. The combination of sandalwood and vanilla is a perfectly light and uplifting one. You can use a lip balm container to store it. This makes it easier to apply. Plus, it moisturizes your skin every time you use it on your skin.

2. DIY Solid Good Perfume For Women Trio

This DIY solid perfume for women trio employs natural essential oils. Including these, you can create customized fragrant scented blends. These female perfumes carry several aromatherapy benefits. The small perfume tins prove perfect as some amazing gifts.

Botanical-Infused Women’s Perfume

If you are on the lookout for commercial women’s perfumes,  you can opt to infuse herbs with fresh florals. They may make you feel confident and a little woozy. These ingredients can be used in fresh and dried forms. You can use them to make a light aroma. Plus, it happens to be a clean-smelling hydrosol women’s perfume. You will find it bright, refreshing, and totally affordable to make.

3. Make Your Own Botanical Perfume For Women

You can either buy natural female perfumes from online brands like Adiveda Natural or create your own. Natural perfumes are alcohol-free. However, you can mix vodka to your combination of herbs. This will help you create your own botanical women’s perfume. You can also employ some pretty scents to do so. For example, vanilla-rose, orange-mint, etc.

4. Fresh Floral Petals Female Perfumes

Firstly, look for a pretty scent spray bottle and keep it handy. Then, bottle up some fresh scented blooms. Of course, to make a fragrant flower petal female perfume. You can employ some fresh flowers, organic essential oils, and distilled water. Indeed a perfect combination.

Body Spray & Splash Perfume – Good Perfume For Women

Well, body sprays are meant to provide a subtle fragrance all along. They house some moisturizing ingredients. This way, these qualities make them ideal for use. Plus, they serve as refreshing fragrances on extremely hot days.

5. Jasmine Aloe Women’s Perfume Body Spray

Do you wish to stay cool? Then, go for making this light, nourishing perfume for women, body spray. You can include an intoxicating jasmine fragrance. The constituents of aloe and glycerin add smoothness and silkiness to the female perfume.

6. Lavender Lemonade Body Spray

The ingredient of lemon has time and again proved to be uplifting. Lavender and sandalwood happen to soothe anxious nerves. They also balance the fragrance. These constituents help the fragrance stay on a little longer. This makes for a good perfume for women. Plus, it is the perfect pick-me-up on a hot summer day.

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