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Understanding and decision for old or new car buying

It is always a big challenge for the general public to take decisions between old and new car buying. Most people do not understand that for which they need to go further. Because both sides have a more or less equal balance. In a matter of time and position, every individual needs to decide it. With own decision making.

For the clear and open understanding and decision making. here we are going to discuss the old and new cars points which can make things easier. Following are the key areas that need to be considered before making any decision. As buying of the car is not the daily practicable work for the general public.

1. Maintenance cost

As we know that very well the new car maintenance definitely very low because all things are company fitted. Whereas the old car maintenance is quite high because no buddy knows which part is new or which old. So again, and again maintenance and changing of parts are possible because old is old.

2. Latest technology and features

In the old car you can’t expect the latest technology and some new features as definitely it is old. But you can select the latest technology and desirable features as per the requirements. No limitation on it like the old car. 

3. Rate of loan

The rate of loan on the new car is easy and negotiable. But as far as the old car is concerning the rate of the loan is quite high and loan arrangement also difficult. So, this is the big difference between those two areas.

4. Insurance coverage

The insurance coverage of the new car is quite easy and fast. Whereas old car insurance is most of the time is not possible. If it gets possible the coverage of the insurance is not good for the client.

5. Registration and taxation

The new car needs to pay the new registration fee, taxation, and other tool taxes. But for the old car, it is not required because in history all things have already been done. So, in that case, the buyer can save big upfront money.

6. Depreciation rate

The depreciation rate of the new car is very fast. In few months its value gets down. But for the old car depreciation is not a big deal because in past used cars already face it. Due to this old car not lose any value. So, for the new car buyer, it is a big issue regarding the value of the car.

7. Buying cost

Here is a big difference in the buying cost of the new car and the old car. As the buying of a new car need big amount or big plan for the installment. But with the old car in small money, you can own it immediately.

8. First arrival cost

After buying first arrival cost means when you drive and feel good or bad. If you feel bad means need to change something or set something in the car which obviously needs cost. But this is not with the new car because it is totally new.

9. Fuel efficiency

New cars and old cars have a big difference in fuel efficiency because a new technology comes with good features. The fuel average of the old car is not better than the new cars that are real facts.

10. Body Quality

The body quality of new cars is not much high in quality due to weight reduction and speed up war. Whereas the body quality of the old and new cars is much better because of their thickness and material.

11. Parts issue

A new car is always launched with complete things which means with new cars no parts issue. You can visit service centers easily. With the old and used cars, parts are the big issue mostly if it is imported used car.

12. Resell Value

The resell value of the new car after depreciation definitely will be much higher than the used car. Because of new features and the latest technology, further availability of parts also matters a lot for value.

13. Parts Quality

The parts quality of the used cars which available in the market are not up to the mark mostly. Because those are plug out from the car’s scraps. Whereas the parts of the new car are fully new and zero meters for the first use. 

14. Appearance of the car

For the new cars talking about the appearance is useless because they are extraordinary good in look. But with the old car’s appearance matter a lot because all cars are not the same. Some could be good in appearance and some are bad.

15. Reliability issue

The reliability of the old and new cars matters with the usage old could be better for the user if proper handling. On other hand, new could be bad for use if the user uses it badly. So, all reliability base on usage.

16. Easy on the long route

The new car is always better for long trips and long route use because of perfect parts and company fitting. The old cars never are so good for the long trips they can give you challenge anytime.

17. Accident’s issue

In the new car, there is no chance of accidental dents and hidden areas because this is directly coming from a company. But for the old car, there is a high chance of accidental damage because most sellers try to hide it. So, for buying must need to check the accidental damage with old cars.

18. No criminal history record

With the old cars could have the possibility to have any criminal record either direct or indirect. But with the new car, there is no chance of it. It will be totally history-free.

19. Tires life

The tires of the old cars are not much reliable because they already run too much so that distance covered matters. Whereas for the new cars no matter for tires, because it is totally new.

20. Easy availability of technical support

In both old and new cars, technical support availability matters a lot. Mostly with new car only concern company technical support openly available but outside technician avoid to handle it. because of new features and the latest settings from which they are still unaware.

With the used car technical support is available with the company and outside because of its familiar settings and functions. To get tension-free guidelines and good cars, better to go with smart and expert car dealers like @Japanmotorsltd.

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