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TSS 482 Visa – Pathway to Permanent Residency in Australia

A Temporary Skill shortage visa subclass 482 or TSS visa is a work visa that allows Australian employers to sponsor a person from outside of Australia to work in their country. The TSS 482 Visa was introduced on 19 March 2019.

Pathways to apply for Permanent Residency under a Medium-Term TSS 482 Visa 

Applicants under a TSS visa can have a pathway to permanent residency through the employ sponsored temporary transition stream (ENS/RSMS) if:

  • Your occupation is listed on the medium-term list.
  • You should have worked for the same employer under the 482 visa for three years.
  • You need to work in the same occupation for three years on your TSS visa.
  • Applicants need to have at least competent English (IELTS 6 in every band or equivalent)
  • You need to be under 45 years when applying for permanent residency. 

Regional TSS Visa to PR

You can have a path to permanent residency in Australia if:

  • Your occupation falls under the regional occupation list, and if you work in a designated regional area.
  • You should have worked for the same employer under the subclass 482 visa for three years.
  • You must have worked in the same job for three years under your visa. 
  • Applicants need to have at least competent English (IELTS 6 in every band or equal to that) 
  • You need to be under 45 years old when applying for permanent residency. 

Alternate Ways Of Obtaining Permanent Residency

The alternate ways of obtaining permanent residency if you do not meet the relevant criteria are as follows:

  • Employer-sponsored direct stream (ENS/RSMS)
  • Partner migration (if your partner or spouse is a permanent resident of Australia)
  • General skilled migration (190, 489,189)
  • Other visa options after you turn 45. 

Medium-Term TSS 482 Visa 

The medium-term TSS 482 Visa is:

  • Granted for four years.
  • It can be renewed also in overseas. 
  • A pathway to receive permanent residence in Australia after three years.
  • The stream is almost similar to the previous 457 visas. 

The medium-term visa is for applicants who work in skilled occupations that have been desperately needed in Australia for a long time. 

TSS Visa to PR in 2022

People who hold subclass 482 visas and have been working in Australia with the same employer for three years might be eligible to apply for permanent residency through the TRT stream. Based on the postcode being in Australia’s regional or metropolitan area, TSS visa holders need to apply through ENS or RSMS. 

The employer is willing to sponsor the candidate for permanent residency under the temporary residence transition stream and needs to lodge a valid nomination with the department of Home Affairs. This is a common pathway to permanent residency and lets you enjoy all the benefits. 

TSS Visa (Long Term Stream) Requirements 

If you want to qualify for the visa 482, you need to fulfill the following 482 visa requirements:

  • Your occupation needs to be on the Medium and Long-term strategic list.
  • You also need to have at least two years of relevant work experience.
  • The current 457 program only needs the applicants to have a qualification related closely to the appropriate level and does not need work experience. 
  • For visa 482, every occupation still requires a minimum work experience. That can be either for three or five years; this is when you do not qualify. It is based on the skill level of the nominated occupation.
  • You need to be paid a minimum salary for the job position.
  • A police check is required. 

The employer needs to:

  • Do labour market testing 
  • They need to pay the government’s AUD 3000 or 5000 training levy for the 186/187 applications. 

Are Other Visa Options Available? 

Even if you do not have an employer willing to sponsor you, there are other pathways to permanent residency in Australia other than visa subclass 482. Some of them include:

  • The General Skilled Migration Program (GSM) pairs overseas workers with Australian employers who are experiencing a shortage of skilled employees. The workers and their families can permanently reside in Australia via this migration program.

Visas issued through the GSM are subjected to points test and are either state/territory, independent, or family-sponsored visas. 

  • The Global Talent program, if you possess international recognition, is one of the department’s important sectors. 
  • Investor visas, if you are a rich person and willing to invest in Australia. 
  • Partner visas if you are in a relationship with a permanent resident or citizen of Australia. 

Can You Include Family On Your TSS to PR Visa Application? 

If you are applying for permanent residence under the ENS program, you can include specific family members on the applications. You can include stepchildren, dependent children, or your spouse/partners. Some points also to consider are:

  • Stepchildren or children need to be from a current or previous relationship under 18. The only exceptions to this age restriction are children between 18 and 23 who have a disability and depend on their parents.
  • Partners could be of the same or opposite sex. You do not need to be legally married if you are in an ongoing relationship and demonstrate the relationship. Your partner also needs to be at least 18 when you fill out the application. 
  • They included family members in the visa 482 application need to meet the health and character requirements set out by the Department of Home Affairs. For children over the age of 16, police clearances can be included with the application. 

What is the Difference between Getting Permanent Residency and Citizenship? 

Getting permanent residency status in Australia is a great opportunity, and it can also lead you to become an Australian citizen. Naturalized Australian citizens have all the rights and responsibilities as the people born in Australia.

 They can apply for a passport or travel abroad and vote in various elections. Permanent residents also have the right to live and work in Australia, but they do not possess the same freedom as naturalized citizens. 

Get in Touch with a Migration Agent Adelaide

If you want to travel to Australia in search of work, you need to apply for a TSS visa; through this visa, you can become a permanent resident after three years. If you have doubts or cannot fill up the application form, contact a migration agent Adelaide for help in the visa process.

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