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Top 15 email signature generator tools you can use in 2022

Emails make a primary mode of communication for both personal and professional purposes. In the business world, it remains a vital part of the collaboration. Emails are simple to use, and you can access them from anywhere. And for that, all you need is an internet connection and a smart device. But simple emails aren’t going to work the way you desire. It doesn’t matter how you use emails; you need to give it a professional look by using an email signature generator. In such a case, email signature maker tools come handy. This blog will talk about the top 15 email signature generator tools that you can use in 2022. Let’s take a look.

Designhill Email Signature Generator

Designhill email signature maker lets you create free email signatures in just 60 seconds! The DIY tool works with eminent email providers like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. You can leverage multiple design templates while adding icons, social media links, and disclaimers to your signature. The signature generator boasts a specific design interface to create signatures that get the sender more clicks. Akin to HubSpot, the tool comes with a simple editor with a few customization options. One thing that doesn’t seem favorable is that there is no way you can save the signature on their server for editing.

Gimmio Email Signature Generator

When it comes to the best email signatures available, Gimmio comes as the preferred one. This DIY tool has been developed keeping one idea in mind — let people create custom signatures and don’t just depend on pre-designed templates. It comes with more than 40 free templates that you can use to create an impressive email signature. However, if you want to use advanced features, go for a paid version. Gimmio lets you make a signature layout that you can apply across your professional signature to make it look uniform. The tool has over 44 fonts, variations of 2000 social icons, and more to make your email signature look appealing. Top-level Fortune 500 companies use this tool.

SignMyEmails Signature Maker

This email signature maker is all about easiness. It takes only sixty seconds to make your email signature. You don’t have to sign up for it! Its free version allows you to add banners, disclaimers, and other graphics as you like. The DIY tool also allows you to change the size of your profile or logo image. There is more to customization, which comes with a paid plan and a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Signature Creator

This tool is ideal for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to create a solid brand identity. the signature generator lets you create as well as customize your signatures professionally. You get diverse personalization options, right from adding logos to mentioning the company’s details.

Newoldstamp Email Signature Maker

It’s an enterprise-ready tool that provides signature management along with additional features like banner campaigns and all. As far as customization is concerned, the tool has exciting features to help you out. You can also integrate apps, along with social media badges, for a cohesive email signature.

HubSpot Email Signature Generator

HubSpot has a slew of tools and templates to offer. The professional email signature generator is one of them. We cannot trust any tool accessible on the Web blindly. But when it comes to tools provided by HubSpot, the trust factor is just perfect! Its email signature generator is an innovative tool to work with. Choose a template for your signature, add details, select a style, upload an image, and you’re done.

WiseStamp Signature Maker

WiseStamp signature maker’s features are available in two plans — one is the free plan, and the other is the paid plan. You can choose from more than fifty readymade templates suitable for every tone and genre. For a more personalized look, you can add Instagram images, social media icons, and a lot more. While the free version has limited features, the paid email signature tool comes with many premium features.

Right Inbox Email Signature Creator

Right Inbox email signature generator allows you to create professional signatures for any business. The DIY tool makes it simple to swap from one signature to another. And for that, you don’t have to open a different setting window. Just create your email, and when you’re ready to shoot, choose the signature you want to send from the dropdown menu of Right Inbox to your email editor.

Mail Signatures

This tool is generally known as one of the most interactive signature generator tools. It lets you create an email signature from templates or start from scratch. The tool comes with many features that you can add to your professional signature.

Growth Mail

As compared to other email signature tools, Growth Mail signature creator has some of the best features around. Besides some monotonous features, the tool has some added functionalities that make it worth considering. One such feature is the option that turns your signature into an advertisement to drive traffic to your site.

HoneyBook Signature Maker

HoneyBook signature maker is yet another tool that’s available for free use. It lets you create a signature from scratch as well as from a pre-designed template. Creating an email signature from this DIY tool is effortless as it asks you to enter just your business info and social links, and your signature will be ready in minutes. The only turn-off this tool has is the absence of various customization features.

ZippySig Email Signature Generator

It is yet another email signature tool that you can customize for yourself and your team. The template section of this DIY tool offers personalized options as per your business requirements. You can choose from over forty fonts, various layouts, and field labels. Apart from that, you can add banners for promotional purposes.

Xink Email Signature Maker

If you need a professional email signature, you can rely upon Xink. This DIY tool is integrated with Outlook, Office 365, and G-Suite. Besides, the tool is also GDPR-compliant. The best thing about this email signature maker is that it lets you update and manage signatures for everyone across all devices. They have both a free version and a paid plan. The paid plan costs $273 every month, in which you can create email signatures for 500 employees.

Crossware Mail Signature

When creating beautiful email signatures is the sole purpose, look no further than the Crossware mail signature tool. It lets you add promotional banners to your signature and track the performance as well. In addition, it can easily integrate with Domino, Office 365, and Exchange. Its paid plan costs $10 per month for ten users and lets you pick over 500 users for an increased rate. You can also leverage its 30-day risk-free trial version.

Exclaimer Email Signature Generator

Exclaimer makes an excellent signature generator tool for making impressive signatures. You can integrate it with Exchange, G-suite, Outlook, and Office 365. Besides, you can add photos, social media links, and other elements to your email signature.


Email signature generators are ideal for creating unique and professional signatures. They provide modern templates with excellent features to simplify the whole process. You can use any of the tools discussed earlier to create a professional signature.
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