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Why PlanSplit Recurring Billing Software is Good for Healthcare Service Providers

Dealing with billing procedures for service plans, packages, and memberships is undoubtedly a daunting process. Manual or in-house service package billing has its share of cons pertaining to handling paperwork, billing issues, renewals, registration, membership administration, cancellation of plans and packages, and other issues.

Healthcare providers across multiple categories, including dental, chiropractic, veterinary, optometry, mental health, medical wellness, and medical aesthetic service providers, can primarily benefit from the PlanSplit recurring billing system.

Similarly, the upfront cost can be an issue for those looking for health and wellness care services for themselves or their pets. The split-billed service plans through PlanSplit can help.

So, what makes PlanSplit so good?

Before getting the answer, let’s figure out the platform’s purpose. PlanSplit is a cross-category that enables healthcare providers to create and sell plans, packages, and memberships across various health categories, including dentistry, chiropractic, optometry, veterinary, medical aesthetic, general wellness, mental health, etc.

For example, suppose you are a chiropractic service provider. In that case, you can use the platform to create and sell your plans and packages for your service without requiring a separate merchant account. In contrast, your consumers can view their service usage, compare savings on their dashboard, and choose the health wellness plans they find fit.

Unlike most in-house plans, PlanSplit recurring billing software streamlines the billing procedures for the service plans, packages, and membership by leveraging their automated, flexible recurring billing and human support system. While financial companies or coupon-based markets require credit checks or rely on on-off offers to drive new clients, PlanSplit does not have to do such. Instead, they provide an optional e-marketplace where providers can create and sell plans and packages and gain new customers.

PlanSplit vs. Integrated Healthcare Plans:

If the goal is only practice integration, it’s all right to opt for integrated healthcare plans. Unfortunately, it does not help you much other than allowing usage that can be applied in a single invoicing step. It only takes a few seconds in PlanSplit at checkout.

Besides, seeking integration won’t help much with staff workload reduction. If you want to reduce the rigors of your staff in terms of plans management, you can surely benefit from PlanSplit. The platform not only reduces the workload by eliminating all paperwork, but it also manages all the tasks such as sign-ups, payment, collections, cancellations, and filing paperwork. So, decide if you worry about the loss of seconds due to the lack of integration or relish the hours saved due to automated management of all the above tasks.

PlanSplit vs. Traditional In-House Plans Management Systems:

PlanSplit is different from the traditional in-house plans management systems as a cross-category solution. Your clients might have diverse requirements; for example, they might want wellness plans for dental care, chiropractic, mental health, or other wellness care for themselves and their family other than the ones for their pets.

Founded by a multi-practice owner veterinarian, PlanSplit strives to meet the healthcare requirements of the entire family, human and animal. It allows your clients to buy and manage plans across multiple health care categories.

While in-house plans provider does not display consumers their savings or service usage, PlanSplit provides them with their dashboard to view that. Moreover, you can generate sales plans on an optional e-marketplace to attract new customers.

Scaling Your Business:

It’s common among the veterinary group to build or acquire sister practices. PlanSplit doesn’t need any separate merchant account while creating or selling your plans for multiple locations. Moreover, you are most likely to run into problems with integration from multiple locations. PlanSplit helps resolve this issue by allowing providers to offer their in-house memberships, wellness plans, and packages to new and existing consumers at different plan lengths and with value-adds or discounts of their choice.

According to PlanSplit’s market research, 76 percent of consumers surveyed opt for value-added split-billing plans or packages. In recent times, the number of consumers willing to split their health care costs with the healthcare practices has nearly doubled. To get their prices down, they are shopping with the help of a third-party healthcare practice partner.

PlanSplit provides plans usage management while handling consumer payments by leveraging their monthly recurring billing software management and human support system.

Following are a few perks of using the PlanSplit platform:

Retains Customers & Builds Brand Loyalty

By streamlining the signup and payment processes for service plans, packages, and membership, PlanSplit helps improve customer retention and build brand loyalty. Thanks to the advanced subscription billing services, subscription plans adjustments and month-end bookkeeping become super easy.

Increases client compliance

Today, healthcare practices can increase patient compliance and loyalty by offering split-billed service packages at PlanSplit. Whether it is chiropractic or dental wellness plans, people needing wellness plans or healthcare services more than once benefit from value-added split billed service packages and plan management platforms.

Increases business revenue

With PlanSplit monthly recurring billing software, you can increase income while removing payment complexity. Your clinic will have a continuous revenue source by leveraging our automation-driven and human-supported platform. The easier it is to collect payments, the greater the recurring revenue.

Alena Brown

Hi, I am Alena Brown from Bellingham, WA. Combining seven years of experience as a blogger, business analyst with expertise in business data modeling, cross-company project management, and idea-conceptualization. I write on different business improvement issues and conduct public education programs regarding business development for all kinds of business owners in the US. I am always ready to help you. Please feel free to contact me.

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