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Tips To Improve Your EBay Search Rankings

Use relevant keywords in your title

The eBay Title tag should include your e-commerce keywords with the most important one at the beginning of the eBay product title, for search purposes.

The eBay Description should be about 100 to 150 words long and use e-commerce specific keywords related to all aspects of your product in a natural way so they do not look like spammy links.

A lot of e-commerce sellers simply copy and paste their e-commerce SEO description onto each product in their eBay store.

This is not only time-consuming but easy to get wrong when listing several products at once from one generic description used for all eBay listings.

eBay does allow e-commerce keywords in eBay titles.

Including e-commerce, specific words, and phrases like e-commerce SEO services is not against eBay rules, but you can get better results.

By adding e-commerce keywords to your description rather than the title because it will appear within e-commerce search results pages on Google or Bing too.

eBay allows you to include 1000 characters (500 for Motors) in your product descriptions.

Make sure you use them to their fullest extent! E-commerce site SEO should always be about providing useful information to potential customers who are looking for exactly what you sell online.

This is where using relevant e-commerce keywords is important because it helps improve traffic driven from e-commerce search engines like Google and Bing.

eBay allows e-commerce keywords in eBay titles and e-commerce SEO descriptions, but it’s best to add more e-commerce keywords into your eBay description than just one long list of 60 or 70 words with no paragraph breaks or formatting.

Using a descriptive title tag including e-commerce specific keywords, followed by a series of short product descriptions with e-commerce specifics is a great way to get targeted e-commerce search engine traffic from Google and Bing.

Include a lot of detail about the item you are selling

There are eBay SEO services that eBay has to offer for eBay sellers. The eBay search engine services, especially eBay product items pages (e.g., eBay item listings), are very helpful for eBay users to find the desired eBay products they want.

eBay product items pages include eBay category listings and subcategory listings, which eBay buyers use to further refine their searches to find what they want.

It goes without saying that eBay product listing titles and detailed item descriptions play a great role in how well an eBay product listing shows up on search results pages. It can be easily found by potential e-buyers/customers who are searching for just that particular e-product or service offered by eBay sellers.

There is no other better way to have your eBay product listings appear on top of search results pages than by having a well-written, detailed and descriptive item listing. Why not give it a try? It’s worth the time and effort!

Since eBay is one of the most well-known e-commerce websites. eBay search engine listings pages receive a lot of eBay product item page searches and eBay users (e.g., e-shoppers) can find themselves easily overwhelmed by how many eBay products show up on their desired eBay search results pages.

The fact that there are thousands and millions of products offered by eBay sellers worldwide means it may become harder to attract e-buyers/customers to eBay product listings.

This just also happens to be the case for those who don’t have enough time or effort in ensuring that their e-product/service listing titles and detailed item descriptions would just catch the attention of those e-shoppers who are looking for eBay products and services like they eBay sellers offer.

Good eBay product items page titles and eBay product items item descriptions play a great role in attracting e-buyers/customers so eBay sellers can’t afford to just lazily put up their e-product/service listings and forget about them and expect e-buyers/customers to come flocking.

Answer all questions asked by potential buyers

The number of those who choose this option is very small.

Most people prefer not to bother with such things, especially those who are new to online selling as they don’t know how important answering queries really is.

So, most people usually either ignore the questions or post a reply with no intention of helping the buyer at all. eBay does not check these answers; it is up to you to find out these answers yourself through further research and trial and error methods.

Sometimes, customers may ask the same question over and over again without realizing that they can be easily answered by doing some simple research on their own.

It shows that you are committed and willing to go through the extra mile in order to help your buyers.

You may also end up making more sales because other potential customers may take this into consideration while choosing between different sellers who sell similar products.

When I started my eBay selling career, no one was ready to answer all the questions I had but after some time, they got used to me asking them all kinds of things and became comfortable with me too which helped me make more sales!

Questions asked by eBay buyers include:

What is your eBay id? Please send me full information about your e-commerce store including the website URL

Will you accept PayPal or Credit Cards as the payment method?

What shipping service do you use?

How much will it cost to ship my order to (my country)?

What are your refund and return policies?

Do you provide tracking numbers for shipments sent out?

Will the credit card information be stored at your website domain provided upon purchase.

Or They are transferred to eBay servers after processing has taken place?

Who covers the charges if I need to file a chargeback claim with my credit company for any reason whatsoever, and what steps must I take to fill such a claim if necessary. How long will it take to process my order?

What eBay store features do you have? Can I use my own eBay store features e.g. eBay listings template, eBay listing title format e.g. “Brand Name Product – Model Name – Action” etc.?

This is the article about the way how to answer all these questions when being asked by potential buyers on eBay.

When they are negotiating with you via e-mail or on the phone corresponding with you that is discussed by e-commerce marketing experts.

The people who are familiar with both online business and online selling processes of products via internet transactions

Respond to feedback quickly and politely 

For some reason, many eBay buyers are obsessed with getting quick responses to their messages.

I don’t know why this is – perhaps they have too much time on their hands?

Or maybe they just feel they can demand response at all times of the day and night.

However, there are plenty of buyers who just want a polite “thank you”.

Or an equally polite decline for their requests. So what should I do when someone asks me to change something after payment has happened?

I used to go crazy in these situations but over time I’ve learned how best to respond quickly and politely in most cases.

So here are my top tips.

Tip 1:

Use your judgment If you think it’s going to take more than 4 minutes to deal with the message or photo,

Don’t bother.

It becomes a task and you’ll start to dread any questions, however innocent they may sound. I usually decline unless it’s something like “can I have more photos?”

Tip 2:

Always use your judgment about what changes are possible.

For Instance,

If someone asks me if I can change the color of an item after payment. My response is “I’m sorry, that isn’t possible” (it should be!).

If someone wants me to send them additional photos which aren’t in the listing but related to other items in the same parcel.

Then yes – go ahead and take them. But please don’t take all day about this!

The whole point is being polite so if you’re taking an hour to get back to them. You’re not being very polite, are you?

Tip 3:

Always write a message saying “thank you” Why?

Because, no matter what at the end of every email I send, I always thank the buyer for their feedback.

This seems to help keep things polite – even if they are demanding or rude! Here’s an example of my standard reply: Thank you for your message, it was great speaking with you today.

Even though this isn’t possible, I’m glad I could still offer some guidance.

Please let me know if there is anything else at all that can be done 🙂 Have a lovely evening

Tip 4:

Don’t forget about other buyers there’s nothing worse than wanting to make a change and waiting 3 days to respond.


Because they are completely inundated with other buyers asking questions. If you’re next in line, politely remind them that there are others waiting too.

Tip 5:

Don’t ask for refunds Sellers can only refund if something is faulty or doesn’t match the listing description. Asking for a refund but expecting me to reimburse postage just isn’t on – so please don’t do it!

Tip 6:

Don’t give out your opinion about the business.

I have received several messages from buyers over the years telling me how poor my courier service was,

-What rubbish packaging I used and so on…

This type of feedback is avoidable by using good packaging materials which protect the item.

You don’t have to use me for your courier service so please don’t give out your opinion.

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