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Tips For Shopping The 7 Stone Engagement Ring

Have you ever wondered why couples take so much time choosing an engagement ring for their partners? The reason is simple. It is because they want to give the best to their partners. The one which goes well with their unique personalities. 

Moreover, couples tend to wear an engagement ring daily to signify their unique bond with each other. Choosing one engagement ring out of many options seems a daunting task for couples. 

You must oversee some of the things while buying an engagement ring, as it will remain forever with you. Durability is one such trait. Let us learn some more crucial tips for shopping for the 7 stone engagement ring

Tips for shopping 7 stone engagement ring

Getting to know some tips before shopping for a 7 stone engagement ring is a great idea. Consequently, here we have brought you some amazing tips to help you in your shopping. 

Do research

The first crucial thing you need to do is research. When we say research, it means researching the jewelers, their brands, and designs. But before beginning with research, you need to be clear in your mind whether you wish to shop online or from a store. 

Before visiting the store, it’s better to learn about some of the popular designs of the 7 stone engagement ring. In this way, you’ll know whether a particular design will look good on your partner or not. 

4 C’s of diamond

The popular choice of people when choosing an engagement ring is none other than the diamond. But when picking a diamond for your engagement ring, you need to learn about the 4 C’s of the diamond: cut, color, clarity, and carat. 

When choosing the diamond, see whether the diamond is free from any inclusions, blemishes, etc. Color refers to the state of the diamond, whether the diamond is colorless or colored. Usually, colorless diamonds tend to be of more value. 

Pick the shape

Diamond jewelry is not limited to one or two shapes but many. Not every shape looks good on people. Consequently, it is better to discern how the particular shape looks on your partner. 

Popular engagement ring shapes include round, square, heart, Asscher, pear, emerald, marquise, and the list. Usually, round-cut diamonds are considered the most classic. 

Choose setting

Not many people are familiar with this, but the setting is the most important thing in an engagement ring. It holds the ring together and keeps the diamond stacked together in place. 

But the setting options are also enormous. You can choose from pave, halo, bezel, prong, cathedral, channel, bar, and more. Each setting is best and keeps your diamond secure in one place. Consequently, choose the setting wisely. 

Stick to budget

Coming up with a budget before beginning with the engagement ring shopping is a great idea. Otherwise, the budget always exceeds when shopping for one’s wedding. 

Consequently, a way forward for you is to make a budget, stick to it and dedicate a specific sum to shop for a 7 stone engagement ring. It will prevent you from overspending. 

Check certifications

How come the buyer come to know about the quality of the ring? It is by way of certifications. The certifications which the jewelry carries inform the buyer about its quality. Another thing to check about the certifications is whether they are reputed or not. 

Usually, the certifications coming from gemological institutes of America and American gem society are considered renowned ones. One should always buy the 7 stone engagement ring carrying these certifications. 

Consider the personality and style.

Not every piece of jewelry looks best on everyone. Everyone has a different personality and style when it comes to wearing jewelry. That’s why it is said to always consider the personality and style of the partner when choosing an engagement ring

We mean whether your partner prefers modern, traditional or mixed designs for their engagement rings. 

Be sure about the size.

One thing that most couples mistake is the engagement ring’s size. People often mistake the ring size of their partner and get the wrong size ring. Instead of ending in such a situation, it is better to have accurate measurements before only to get the right size 7 stone engagement ring. 

Shop from a reputed jeweler

Buying jewelry involves a significant investment, due to which you should never buy it from unknown jewelers about whom you know nothing. An engagement ring should always be purchased from a reputable and trusted jeweler. 

When purchased from a trusted and family jeweler, the purchase always comes out to be the best and most affordable. 


Picking a 7 stone engagement ring for your partner this wedding season is the best choice. But care must be taken to shop it according to their personality and style. The engagement ring will look best once it goes with the unique personality and style of the person. Also, ensure to check their carat weight before confirming your purchase. Besides this, choose the latest design for your wedding to flaunt it in style. 

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