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Tile Trends 2022- Top 10 Tile Trends That Will Steal the Show

Tile Trends: The New Year is just around the corner, and interior designers and homeowners alike are looking for tile inspiration to spruce up their homes.

The year 2021 has witnessed some stunning trends. As we look back on what trends were popular in 2021, we can begin to anticipate the interior and home collections that might be available in 2022. For the coming year, it’s simple to anticipate clear and distinct tile trends that will appear in popular and contemporary bathroom and kitchen designs.

Interior trends basically represent the current social mood. Several of them evolve into classic design styles, so they are always vital to consider when building a new place at home, whether you accept them or reject them. When it comes to selecting tiles, the goal is to choose a design that you absolutely adore.

If you need some design inspiration, here are ten tile trends that will most probably rule in 2022:

Tile Trends 2022


If you like marble but want something a little different, you’ll be glad to know that alabaster onyx is about to have a major comeback in interior design. This mineral has a lot of personalities and is more reflective than marble. This year we can see that onyx in the bathroom tile trends 2022 will be a significant trend.

Onyx tile that mirrors the mineral’s elegance and iridescent colours is the ideal way to bring this mineral’s unique, beautiful appeal into the home. The Moon Oynx tile by AGL Tiles is suitable for floors and walls, countertops, backsplashes, partition walls, and furniture.


Terrazzo is making a comeback thanks to its vintage charm, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. These magnificent tiles get their name from the Italian word for ‘terrace,’ as construction workers would bring home bits of marble to press into clay and create their own distinctive designs.

Terrazzo looks especially good with matt, muted pinks or burnt orange tones for a modern, inviting feel. AGL’s composite marble terrazzo tile collection can be installed to create a one-of-a-kind, detail-rich bathroom floor or a gorgeous kitchen splashback.

Bold Patterns

Because they attract the eye in and help accent specific places, patterned tiles are a terrific way to add depth and character to a room. Patterned tiles are fantastic to utilise to complement a theme, whether you’re striving for a sleek and sophisticated contemporary aesthetic or a vintage-styled retro design.

The Glitz Caramel Onyx BM Tiles have a striking, linear pattern with a cream and brown colour palette. Although they may not appear to be much on their own, they can be arranged in a variety of ways to amaze and please your visitors!


Moroccan-styled tiles are beautiful and unique, evoking sensations of warmth and relaxation with their rich hues and exotic designs that make us yearn for another holiday.

The Doodle Azul Tiles are designed in warm, earthy tones with an aged, weathered appearance inspired by baked terracotta. They’re made from sturdy porcelain with a natural matt surface and go perfectly with some plain tiles. These tiles have an excellent aesthetic that adds depth and charm to any environment because they are natural, handcrafted, and imperfect.

Deep Blue

Deep blue tiles will give your decor a timeless look. These sombre tones are rich and sumptuous; giving any place, they’re in a lush and expensive sense. The rich colour contrasts brilliantly with lighter tones to produce a classy and modern look.

The Glitz Romo Azul Mirror Tiles feature a deep blue colour with a range of tones that give them a unique look. They are made of sturdy ceramic and have a shiny, high-shine gloss that is ideal for cascading light across the space.


With global issues vying for our attention and energy, it’s no surprise that this year’s style will be soft, warm pastels. Rose, sky blue, mint, and sage are among the hues that match major paint brands’ colours. Nature-inspired colours are particularly appealing in soft blues and greens.

In terms of being able to blend in with a variety of materials and colours, pastel tones are similar to traditional neutral tones. They create a subtle contrast to sturdier material options like wood, stone, or concrete, which are all featured in trendy colour schemes for 2022.


Last year, when the epidemic hit your neighbourhood (and wipes were scarce), you remember wiping down every surface of your home. Millions of individuals developed a zeal for cleansing their surroundings that rivalled the medical professionals.

The tile industry has followed suit, making its already healthy products even more enticing with anti-bacterial qualities. Of course, this won’t completely eliminate the need for wiping or wipes, but it will make them easier to keep clean for personal hygiene, recreation, cooking, and dining.

Wood-Look Tiles

The use of wood in a room plan—a trademark of Scandi design—is now much preferred and sought-after as modern Scandi designs continue to gain popularity and appeal to mainstream preferences. Because wood is a high-maintenance, bending-prone material, a wood-look porcelain stoneware tile is an excellent choice for bringing in the natural tones of wood and recreating the warm feeling that comes with it.

Many of us desire peaceful interior schemes that connect us to the outdoors after the epidemic; thus, wood-look tiles will be popular in 2022.

Stone Tiles

Natural form patterns and organic materials in subdued browns, shadow whites, and warm neutrals were one of the most popular interior themes in 2021.

Textured natural stone was the defining material within this inventive movement, with stone vases, lamp bases, cookware, and decorative objects dominating as the desire for the modern yet rustic home decor trend grew. As the trend continues into 2022 and beyond, there will be more demand for stone-effect wall and floor tiles as the design becomes more popular.

Marble-Look Tiles

The desire for a realistic imitation of natural marble is increasing as leading designers continue to wrap massive kitchen islands and splashbacks in finely veined marble slabs, an aesthetic that never goes out of style.

You’ll also notice that old marble furniture is making a comeback and that top designers are including more marble in their current collections. Marble, which is elegant and ageless, oozes luxury and good taste, making it an excellent choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas of the home where design stability is necessary.

So, here are the top 10 tile trends 2020. Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments down below.

Moreover, if you think that I’ve missed something, let me know.

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