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10 Simple & Best Tips to Decorate Your Entrance Area

Whether you want to give your home the best or your room is a mess; you need a good entrance area. Most people say that their home is incomplete without an entrance area, so you need to decorate it accordingly. It can be your office, dining table, reception room, etc.

Before we go to the details let me tell you the importance of having an attractive entrance area in your home. Whether you want to impress your guests, visitors, or your family members, the first impression that will greet them will be the entrance. The first thing they will see is how well decorated you are and whether you have done it properly or not. If you have an amazing entryway, then it will attract more visitors and invite people to your place. So, before you plan anything to do in the entrance area, make sure you have planned it correctly.

Below listed are some tips that will help you to decorate your entrance area.

Clean Your Entrance Area:

If you don’t have time to clean up, then you should know that a dirty home is a dirty guest. So, cleaning your entrance area is the most important part, because it will be seen by everybody. Make sure that your place looks like a hotel or a luxury place. You need to keep your place clean, so try to clean it from time to time.

Make The Entrance Look Perfect:

This is the most important step. Make sure that your entrance area looks good and attractive. If you have a beautiful garden, then you need to add greenery around your place. Make your place look beautiful and perfect.

Wall Color:

A perfect way to make your foyer look beautiful is by painting your walls. Wall color gives a welcoming effect and also it can give a sophisticated appearance. So, don’t hesitate and choose the right wall color for your foyer.

Make A Statement:

It depends on the type of entrance you want to create. For a simple one, just place a beautiful piece of artwork or some beautiful pictures around the entrance. It can be anything that will help to decorate your place with the best beauty.

Try To Create A Great Feeling:

If you are creating a business area, then it will be best if you try to give a business feeling to it. If you are creating a guestroom then it will be best if you make it look like a luxury hotel room.

Add Carpet:

The best interior designers in Bangalore suggest adding carpet to your entryway. Carpets add softness and warmth to the area and make the visitors feel comfortable. You can select an animal print or floral print carpet which will give a unique touch to the area.

Art Work:

To make your entryway look beautiful then it is essential to decorate this area with something that adds charm to this area. If you are a DIY lover then you can even make this area by yourself, but it is better to hire an expert painter to give this area an excellent look.

Add Some Greenery:

Adding greenery to the entrance is another way to decorate your house entrance. You can either plant some plants around the entrance or use flowers as they are a natural and beautiful material that will add a beautiful touch to your home entrance.

Create An Interesting Wall Mura:

The wall mural is also a very interesting way to decorate your entrance area. You can use different pictures or you can even create a mural by yourself. If you can’t paint then you can get some printouts and paste them on the wall.

Make It Light-Dependent:

It means you need to keep the entrance area light. Whether you have an open-air place or a closed place; make sure that it doesn’t look dark. Use the lights wisely to enhance the beauty of your place.


I know there is a lot to do in the entrance area, but once you start it, it will turn into your favorite part. Make sure you have planned your entrance area and followed the given tips to make it look beautiful. I hope these tips will help you to decorate your entrance area correctly.

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