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This Collection of Omega Watches Is the Best-Selling Divers in the World

Omega has multiple collections within its portfolio that earned global recognition and popularity for the brand. However, the collection of Omega watches that has been an immense success for the watchmaker being utterly luxurious and extremely capable simultaneously is – the Omega Planet Ocean.

The Planet Ocean is a fascinating dive watch series that features versatile styling, advanced materials and the latest in-house movements. Moreover, it represents some of the best marketing partnerships any watchmaker can have. Thus, it’s no surprise to know that it ranks beside the brand’s best-selling series.

Let’s explore one of the fascinating Omega watches – the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M.

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M comes with every feature that makes it a robust diver and an everyday sports luxury watch. Collectors have always adored the timepiece for its versatility, design and practicality. However, the surprising fact is that –

Although the Planet Ocean earned so much popularity and recognition, it was in production only for more than a dozen years. Its collectors and fans expected to see this collection for a long longer than it.

Regardless, the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean holds an iconic status in the luxury watch world. Celebrities and movie icons such as James Bond have donned the timepiece. However, Omega has upgraded the Planet Ocean series adding variations and different styles over the years. Thus, collectors have a wide range of options to choose from this collection according to their taste or lifestyle.

The Latest Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Watches

Although Omega produced the Planet Ocean for a short term, it has offered numerous unique versions to the collection.

The Planet Ocean Limited Editions

Omega has continually tweaked the Planet Ocean 600M collection, often replacing old models with new ones. Considering the collection’s desirability, the brand has offered several limited editions to appeal to serious collectors.

Omega introduced two limited edition watches in 2018 to celebrate the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Both the watches exhibited a colour scheme representing the country’s national flag.

  • The Planet Ocean featured a 43.5mm case and an all-blue bezel, dial and strap.
  • Furthermore, the diving scale and the strap’s stitching came with red highlights.
  • However, Omega introduced this Planet Ocean watch in limited numbers of 2,018 pieces.
  • And each model featured a unique number and the engraving of the Games’ logo on the case back.

Omega turned up with another special edition model to commemorate the Tokyo Olympics – the Seamaster Planet Ocean ‘Tokyo 2020’ Limited Edition. It is a 39.5mm timepiece in all-white and with red highlights on the two areas. One is on the seconds hand’s tip and another on the bezel numeral marker ‘20’. However, Omega produced this limited edition watch in only 2,020 numbers.

The Planet Ocean in New Sizes & Materials

In 2016, Omega released the Planet Ocean Deep Black crafted entirely of ceramic. The interesting fact is that the watchmaker used the ceramic material only on a watch’s bezel until this new watch release. The case, dial, bezel, crown and helium escape valve of the Planet Ocean Deep Black were made of ceramic.

  • However, this Omega Planet Ocean GMT watch debuted in all-black, sporting a 45.5mm case.
  • Later, the watchmaker added various colour accents to enlighten the monochrome watch look.
  • In the same year, Omega turned up with another GMT model measuring 43.5mm this time.
  • The watch debuted with a unique white and black bezel.

Unlike the bi-tone bezel from Rolex, Omega’s bi-ceramic bezel is the world’s first and authentic. Thus, the 43.5mm GMT model with the nickname ‘Oreo’ or ‘Cookies & Cream’ has turned to be a highly coveted Omega version.

Omega introduced the ‘Big Blue’ the following year. Interestingly, the watch resembles the Deep Black model in functions and materials but features a blue case with bright orange accents. Moreover, the brand also upgraded the dimensions of the Planet Ocean watches, besides the materials.

The collection no longer has a 42mm model; it jumped straight to 43.5mm. Thus, within the range of 39.5mm and 43.5mm, there are no other case dimensions in-between. Overall, Omega developed the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M to explore aquatic landscapes with a water-resistance rating of 600m.

The Planet Ocean undeniably has the robust and elegant features to be an everyday luxury watch. However, it is a professional dive watch at its core. The watch was born to dive deep with a rotatable bezel and a manually operated helium escape valve.

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