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The right carpet cleaning methods can help you save money and avoid having to replace your carpet

Carpet cleaning methods are not all the same. In fact, there are many different ways to clean different types of carpeting. Many people don’t realize that carpet fibers are not all the same, so some carpet types require different cleaning methods. Some cleaning products can also be harmful to some carpet fibers, while they work wonders for others. It is important to do your research before hiring any carpet cleaning company. That will clean your carpet using any method without regard to what is best for your carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning is by far the best way to clean your carpet. However, if the cleaning method you use affects the life of your carpet, it is essentially pointless. Such a mistake could cost you a lot of money and even result in you having to replace your carpet. Visit also: Carpet cleaning in Cremorne Point

To stay up to date, it will probably be helpful to read about the different carpet cleaning methods and how they work. Here are a few different methods of carpet cleaning:

  1. shampooing the carpet – Usually, this method seems to be the least effective for the carpet. Shampooing the carpet involves applying a cleaning agent directly to the carpet, and then professional carpet cleaners use a machine to agitate the cleaning agent. The detergent is then vacuumed up to make the carpet look very clean. The cleaners used are designed to make the carpet look shiny and smell nice. However, they do little more than removing trapped dirt that is deep in the base of the carpet. So if the main purpose of cleaning the carpet is to make it look nice, perhaps for a special occasion where a lot of people will be walking around, so the carpet needs to be cleaned again anyway, shampooing may be the right choice. However, for health and welfare reasons, this is usually not the first choice.
  2. dry carpet cleaning – Most people recommend dry cleaning rather than any other method. This is certainly beneficial because there is virtually no downtime since the carpet does not need to dry for a long time as with other methods. In most cases, the process is completed with a special cleaning powder. It is scattered all over the carpet and automatically attracts the dirt. After an appropriate soaking time, the powder is vacuumed up and the carpet is almost as good as new again. Some carpet cleaning companies have modified this method with different cleaning agents, such as an oxygen-containing cleaner. This method also works well because although the carpet only gets wet for a short time, the oxygen bubbles help loosen the dirt from the carpet’s base so that it can be cleaned even more effectively.
  3. foam carpet cleaning – this method is also very useful. It is a combination of the shampoo and dry cleaning method. A cleaning foam and a small amount of water are applied to the carpet. The cleaning foam is also designed to attract dirt, dust, and harmful fibers, just as the powder does in dry cleaning. It works its way through the carpet, and then the foam is extracted from the carpet along with the dirt and dust particles it has trapped. This method works best on tough carpets because of the nature of the foam and the vacuum.
  4. steam cleaning of carpets – steam cleaning of carpets is probably one of the most popular cleaning methods, which is also widely used. However, it also has disadvantages as it consumes a lot of water. If water penetrates deep into the carpet lining, it can damage it so badly. However, if steam cleaning is done properly and not too often, it can be effective. Also known as “hot water extraction,” this method essentially works by using a very powerful machine to inject hot water and cleaning solution deep into the carpet. The machine then extracts the cleaning solution through powerful suction. All of this will likely remove most of the dirt from the carpet, but over time it can damage the carpet. It also means that the carpet will be wet for a while. So don’t use this method as a quick fix because there is nothing quick about it.
  5. bonnet carpet cleaning – this method mainly uses in commercial buildings because there is a large number of carpets. It does not claim to be particularly effective, since commercial buildings are very busy anyway. Basically, this method keeps the carpets fresh and clean. Even though dirt and dust may still be lurking under the surface. A chemical cleaning agent applies to the carpet. Then a rotary machine fitted with an absorbent mat and runs over the carpet.

So it is clear that not all carpet cleaning methods are the same. Now that the different methods have been clearly describe, it’s time to figure out which method is best for your home.

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