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Brown cow print clothing: dominating the animal print fashion trends

Animal print clothing has always been a part of fashion trends. There have been several prints that have been in fashion over the years. In the early 80s, everyone loved to shine in their cheetah print outfits and accessories. Later on, other animal prints began changing. Python, zebra, and tiger prints have reigned for a while in the industry as well. Croc print apparel and accessories have been a favorite among consumers in recent years. However, cow prints, specifically brown cow print clothing have become a hot topic for many fashion enthusiasts.

With the release of the Netflix docuseries Tiger King, we saw a surge in demand for the big cats print clothing again. It included Leopard, tiger, jaguar prints, etc. But over time, these prints scooted over, making space for cow prints to influence the market. Additionally, many celebrities have been wearing this print which has notarized this print for the fans. For example, Famous singer and influencer Dua Lipa was spotted wearing brown cow print clothing in a fashion event. We will discuss what cow print articles of clothing will work best for you and fascinate others with your glam.

Products available with cow prints and how to wear them

Clothes with exotic animal prints have always been a symbol of luxury since the 1800s. At first, poachers killed animals for their skin and turned it into clothing products. Although this practice is seriously condemned now and with time, the advancement in the clothing industry has enabled us to get these animal prints clothing without the mutilation of innocent animals.

Further discussing this print; let us peek at what products are in the spotlight in the brown cow print clothing category.

Cow print tops

The most visible part of your outfit is your top straight off the bat. Therefore the most attractive clothing you can buy is a top with a brown cow print. There is a wide range of tops available in the market nowadays.

Halter tops

A halter top is a perfect summer outfit for you. Of course, it looks best if you match it with similar print pants. Nevertheless, putting it on with white jeans and boots can have you get the Yee-haw look you want.

Cow-print Leia corset

Brown cow print corsets demand has seen an influx in recent times. Numerous Instagram models have been buying these up, which has piqued the curiosity of many fashion fans. Pairing the corset with denim jeans can give you a good look. Thank God the corsets are not the same as a couple of centuries ago.

One for the Hoodies-obsessed

Who doesn’t love a cozy hoodie? The cherry on the top is the cute cow print. So treat yourself with a warm and baggy cow print hoodie.

Brown cow print pants

Matching your cow print top with a similar print pair of pants is the obvious thing to do. However, wearing cow prints pants with regular tops look good as well.

Midland jeans

Wearing midland denim jeans with a cow print and a white top can go a long way for you. You can even choose to wear a white top if your cow print is black/white.


Granted, you need to be careful with what you wear with a cow print mini-skirt. It is best to wear a matching top. Nevertheless, a full-sleeved black or white shirt can get the job done for you.

Other fashion accessories with cow prints

One cool thing about this fashion trend is that brown cow print clothing is not limited to just outfits. Accessories are a significant market, and cow print is everywhere. Some of the fashion blogger’s hot-topic accessories are:


Handbags with a cow print, white handle, and golden/black hardware are going to give you the fashion chic look you need, not what you want.

Bucket hat

Bucket hats of cow print go with just about anything. It compliments best with light color clothes.


Cow print footwear hints towards your fashionable side. Let us explore some of our options if you want to find something for your feet.

Camperlab 1978 loafers

Even though it is a vintage style that looks best in leather, it does not mean you cannot modernize it. Cow print loafers can make your outfit pop. However, they will look better with light blue denim jeans.

Military boot

Let your inner cowgirl out. Boots with velvety texture cow print connect the western style with a funky fashion sense. Hence, let it run its course and redeem your stellar looks.

High heels

Ever since the internet blew up with the picture of Megan Markle in cow print heels, it has become a stamp of approval for her fans and admirers worldwide. These shoes look great with your everyday clothes hinting towards your adventurous nature.

In conclusion, Black or brown cow print clothing has become the new fashion trend for the masses. Seeing social media icons blessing their feed with cow print clothing was the last straw for most. Big names like Kylie Jenner and Irina Shayk have been seen wearing these prints.

Additionally, Just my two pennies, wearing animal print clothes, are nothing to be offended by. On the contrary, it portrays us as animal lovers with a good sense of fashion.

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