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The Most Effective Gaming Setups (2021 List)

Do you know what the best feature of a computer is? They can be customized in any way you like.

Not only can you choose every single component that goes into the system, but you can also customize the outer appearance and overall aesthetics to your heart’s content. If you’re anything like us, you’ve definitely spent hours admiring other people’s setups and wishing they were yours when going through the battlestations subreddit.

We understand. This piece, in fact, is the outcome of one such hours-long scrolling spree. This ultimate gaming PC setup list has taken many hours to compile. To gain some ideas, have a look at these incredible PC gaming setups.

We’ve come across so many interesting and beautiful setups that we thought we’d share a few of our favorites and explain what we’d modify in each. So, if you’re looking for some gaming setup ideas or just want to read down and be astonished by some amazing ones, go ahead!

Please let us know what you think, and feel free to post your own fantastic battlestations in the comments section! If the items on the list below pique your interest, we have several articles dedicated to assisting you in selecting the best custom PCs or PC gaming setups components right here:

Budget Builds

  • $300 Build – An excellent piece of machinery with significantly more value than its cost. This is an excellent pick for beginning builders and 720p gaming.
  • Another economical design for casual gamers who don’t mind decreasing their graphics settings in 1080p is the $400 build.
  • Build for $500 — This mid-range budget build is capable of 1080p gaming, even in the most demanding games.
  • $600 Build – This roundup wins the cheap build category thanks to its lightning-fast storage, 16GB of RAM, and stylish appearance. It also doesn’t lag behind in terms of gaming performance, and it can even play VR games, albeit at lesser settings.

Mid-Range Builds

  • $700 Build — This build can smoothly run 1080p and gradually progress to 1440p. Not only that, but almost all Oculus Rift games can be played with the default settings.
  • $800 Build — Playing games at 1440p without stuttering is no longer impossible with this setup!
  • $1000 Build — With this build, you’ll be able to ease your way into 4K gaming. Enjoy!

High-End Builds

  • $1200 Construction — With this build, we’re going into high-end territory, and it shows.
  • $1500 Setup — For at least a few years, you won’t have to check any game’s suggested requirements with this build.
  • $2000 Build – A PC should be a beast for $2000, and this one certainly is!

It’s incredible to build your own computer. As previously said, you call the shots and have complete control over the appearance of your PC gaming setups and the components it contains. Not to add that completing the build, pushing the start button. And having the computer boot up without a hitch is one of the most pleasant emotions in the world.

There’s no need to be concerned if you’re a novice builder because there are numerous excellent websites that provide step-by-step directions on how to construct a PC gaming setups. Even though creating your own system is not difficult, it does necessitate some expertise and bravery. Because so much may go wrong, many people view it as a difficult process. They would rather avoid by purchasing a pre-built system.

So, if you’re searching for a quick and easy option, we recommend checking out our lists of the finest prebuilt PCs:

  • $500 Prebuilt – The $500 systems on this list are some of the most cost-effective options for running many recent games, even if the visuals have to be reduced slightly.
  • $800 Prebuilt — While not as powerful as our $800 PC gaming setups build option, these PCs will nevertheless let you play many recent games in 1080p on medium to high settings. You could even be able to run some of the less demanding ones in 1440p with a slightly lower frame rate.
  • $1000 Prebuilt — Finally, the $1000 builds featured here will allow you to play 1080p games at high framerates or 1440p games at 60 frames per second.

If you’re still undecided, learn more about the differences between prebuilt and custom PCs right here.

Without further ado, let’s get started with our list of the top gaming settings of the year thus far!


Our first choice on this list isn’t very spectacular or extravagant, yet it makes a lasting impression.

This arrangement, which comes from someone with the nickname SleepDeprivedDad_, proves that even if you have limited time and are confined into a closet, you can still make the most of your gaming experience with a little imagination.

Despite being a little cramped, this layout makes the most of the available area. The displays are cleverly positioned, and the inclusion of the little laptop compensates for the lack of space for a third full-size monitor.

The microphone, streaming webcam, and even a pair of lights all fit within this oddly shaped space. Also, don’t forget about the controllers and their charging station. Everything a true gamer could possibly require is conveniently located.

There’s always a way where there’s a will.

A mechanical keyboard is, of course, required for everyone who wants to enjoy their time spent on their computer, and this arrangement is no exception. The RGB from the keyboard and the XXL mouse pad are both welcome additions, demonstrating that the user prioritizes quality and comfort.

What We Would Change

There isn’t much we would alter here, and there isn’t much we could change with the amount of space we have. But better cable management is one thing we think would make this arrangement a little cleaner.

Visible cables are never a nice sight, and while this isn’t as awful as it may be, it still needs some attention. The point is, the sheer amount of exposed cables here would normally go unnoticed. But because this is a small room with a bright white background, they stick out much more.

This, however, is purely an aesthetic concern. The user made sure that the desk was free of cable clutter, which we think is a great positive! The mouse bungee even keeps the mouse cable out of the way.

Because the room was originally a closet, the door could be quickly restored, and the entire system could be hidden away at any time if necessary.

There’s one more item we need to talk about, and it’s ventilation. It’s undoubtedly been on your mind for a long now. While this may not be a major issue for the PC gaming setups when the doors are open and the cooling is adequate, it may feel stuffy for the user during the warmer months.

But, hey, we could be completely incorrect! Let us know if you’ve tried gaming in a similar setting. If the airflow is good, this is a brilliant alternative for individuals who are short on space!


We chose this nice nook with some great-looking monitors, a soft chair, and a wall of anime posters for good measure as our second option. There are some really wonderful aspects to this setup, and then there are some not-so-cool aspects that we’d like to talk about. Let’s begin with the first.

We must try out the chair in order to determine whether it is suitable for us. Chairs like those made by DXRacer, for example, have become the industry standard among gamers. While it is true that DXRacer and other such businesses produce excellent ergonomic chairs designed expressly for gamers. This does not imply that all other chairs are worse.

As we’ve previously stated, a chair is something you have to test out to see whether it suits you. So we can’t really comment on its comfort because we haven’t sat in it. But it does appear to be comfy, and if it’s good enough for the user, it’s good enough for us.

We’ll go on to the monitors now. They are, without a doubt, the focal point of this set-up. We have three identical monitors, resulting in a consistent view across all three screens. The tiny bezels, which allow for a nearly seamless transition from one display to the next, are particularly appealing. While they aren’t the tiniest bezels on the market, it’s clear that the user gave it some attention before purchasing.

Unfortunately, we can’t remark on the chassis because it’s concealed behind the monitors. But there’s something else on the side of the table that attracted our eye right away: the snack bag. If we do say so ourselves, it’s a fantastic addition to a gamer’s corner. And one that we’ll have to implement into our own setup as soon as possible!

Ultimate Setup

Were you under the impression that we were finished? You were duped! It’s finally time to reveal our year’s best setup.

We have a lovely, deep mahogany desk with a large monitor here. Large monitors, as we discussed earlier in this article, may be a real pain in the neck because you have to move your head back and forth to keep up with what’s on the screen of gaming setups. This is a simple problem to solve, but you’ll need a good deep desk to put some distance between you and the monitor.

As the photo shows, this is a very simple yet functional setup that everybody may enjoy. The keyboard and mouse, albeit simple, are excellent for gaming, even though a wired mouse is recommended for greater performance. And, of course, Corsair mouse pads are always a solid bet.

Apart from the standard accessories, we have a good-quality microphone and a particularly hairy headphone stand.

Apart from the jokes, this photo made our day, and we had to include it in this list, even if only as an honorable mention. The setup itself appears to be quite cool, but we can only see a small fraction of it. So we can’t make an accurate assessment. Besides, we can clearly see that the picture’s focal point is one furry good boy, not the PC.


We’ve reached the conclusion of our to-do list. We hope you like at least some of the sets we selected and that they have given you some ideas for creating or enhancing your own gaming den.

We’re sure some of you will disagree with our choices, but that’s okay! Let us know how your setup looks and how you’d rank our options in the comments. And, of course, add any links to your favorite io games settings in the comments!

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