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The Effect of Digital Marketing and Social Media on Recruitment

Digital marketing and Social media nowadays are the reasons for a huge change in recruitment and staffing process. From job openings to any candidate, to building new opportunities for them, digital marketing has a huge impact on recruitment. Small businesses to large ones, all of them use digital marketing and social media platforms to help in hiring employees quickly and effectively.

LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Facebook, etc. are the mobile apps that help to reach out to massive information about job openings, which often allows job-seekers to get databases such as company profiles, their needs, salaries, and recruitment processes.

Digital Advantages has Benefits as well as some challenges in the Recruitment Process :

  • Some digital tools such as job boards, software programs for recruitment, which help businesses to identify and then hire eligible candidates.
  • Today’s digital fields provide various ways for employers and job-seekers to get all the information through Social media, mobile apps, online job boards, etc.
  • Digital marketing also offers networking opportunities that help people to get in touch with other professionals in the online fields and at offline activities as well.

On the other hand, social media gives an opportunity to brands and candidates to get to know each other and to get an idea about company culture.

Through social media, recruiters can easily go through the candidate’s personal life, their thoughts, interests, and future goals as well. 

There are several benefits to using social media for recruiting.

  • Quick response :

If your goal is to get a quick response, then Social media posts would be ideal for that.

By liking, commenting, and sharing the posts, you can get a better reach to the

audience. When a large number of people read it, the probability of a quick response gets boosted up. Therefore, your time is also saved.

  • Zero or Less budget :

The process of recruiting through social media platforms costs much less than any other method. You need zero money to post something on Facebook or Twitter page, hence saving all your money as well as your time.

  • Young and Fresh Talents 

Since Social media are mostly being used by the young generations, they are more

active in social media than the others. So, it makes the reach out process much easier for the hirer. This also helps them to get to choose from young and fresh talents.

  • Increases traffic :

When you share a post on the topic of job opening on your page, it automatically

collects a huge amount of traffic to your page. Even if most of them don’t get chosen for the particular job, they will keep checking your page for the next opportunity.

  • Personal Connection:

Social media recruiting also helps you to connect with the candidate socially so that you can visit their profiles, and get to know about that candidate, his interests, goals, etc. Then choose them accordingly for your company.

  • Access to passive candidates :

You can also reach out to those candidates who are not searching for a job, but are

extremely talented and skillful. After reading your posts, they might want to join your company too. You can also visit this link for best marketing recruiting Dubai to get more ideas.

As you can see, social media recruitment offers a lot of benefits, but it also has some

challenges and disadvantages too that the user should know so that he can use it correctly.

Here are some disadvantages of social media platforms for recruitment :

  • A common problem on Twitter while sharing something is It restricts you from

writing more than 140 words at a time, which can affect your post from getting better display. Candidates more likely do not open the thread to read more when you have to share a post in several divisions.

LinkedIn is known as an effective platform to reach out to candidates, but it takes a lot of time in the initiation when you first have to make the relationships and channels to spread your important word to a wide range of people. LinkedIn also has limitations to use emails. Employers also cannot text to individuals who are not connected with them beforehand.

  • Scamming on the name of recruitment:

Sometimes the candidates might fall into online scams and frauds. So, they get skeptical about providing all their personal information to any random people who are actually not recruiting.

It can cause a huge turmoil in the candidates’ life, so they might not want to further search for social media posts to get a job.

  • Bad comments can ruin company’s image :

It is obvious that not everyone who applied for a specific job can be selected. So, after getting rejected, some of those failed candidates hold a grudge against the company, which results in getting bad comments from them on your Facebook or Twitter pages. This can definitely ruin your company’s reputation.

  • Candidates who can not use social media :

It can be an issue for a financially unstable candidate. There are some job seekers who might not have accounts in social media, or they are economically weaker than others. So, it would be a huge disadvantage for those people, who are extremely skilled and knowledgeable, but fail due to having no connection with social media.

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