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Health and Fitness

The benefits of laser hair removal

When we think about the benefits of laser hair removal, the convenience of never having to grow back again comes to mind. But is it really the only benefit of laser treatment? We can overlook other aspects that are equally important.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

1. Comfort

The convenience of forgetting about waxing is a definite advantage. Currently, there is no method that eliminates 100% hair growth. However, the laser technique manages to finish, in most cases, with 95% of the original hair permanently.

What is the hair removal process?

In fact, the explanation of the mechanics is simple. The melanin in the hair attracts the laser light and conducts it to the root, where the hair follicle responsible for hair growth is located. When it reaches the follicle, it destroys it and prevents the hair from growing back.

2. It is safe and fast

Laser technology does not present any risk if the instructions of technical personnel are followed and can be performed on any part of the body and skin type.

We use two efficient types of laser technology; Alexandrite and diode. The first is used for fair skin and the diode for all skin types, even very tanned. Our technicians appreciate the type of hair and skin and create a treatment including the method that best suits your skin and sometimes even combine the two types of laser hair removal in the same treatment.

When will I notice the results?

During the first session, the results are usually already visible. Although it is important to note that the permanent hair removal process is gradual. It depends on the growth phase the follicle is in when the treatment ends.

The hair cycle consists of different phases; anagen, catagen and telogen. The phase of the hair cycle in which laser hair removal is effective is anagen. If the hair is not in this phase, it will take several sessions to finish it permanently.

3. Helps fight skin disorders.

Dermatologists recommend laser hair removal to combat folliculitis and hirsutism. Folliculitis is a condition that in many cases is due to traditional hair removal methods. The hair becomes encyst and generates boils that can become infected. Permanent hair removal with laser hair removal also eliminates the possibility of folliculitis.

Hirsutism is the medical term for excess hair. Best laser hair removal is the solution for those who, for hormonal or other reasons, have excess body hair.

4. Freedom and hygiene in sports

Sport is one of the main reasons that men grow up. Thanks to waxing, the exercise is carried out more comfortably, since the absence of hair gives a feeling of lightness and freedom, which facilitates the exercise of any sport.

In addition, a hairless skin ensures better hygiene. Sweat is odorless; the odor comes from bacteria that decompose due to moisture. Hairless skin dries faster and we avoid odor-causing degradation.

On the other hand, shaved skin facilitates wound healing. Hair contains bacteria that can cause infections. By eliminating the hairs, we help the correct healing of the wounds avoiding complications during the process.

5. Aesthetics

Being able to finish the hair permanently in areas that make us more complex is an undeniable advantage. Growing these areas will help you gain more confidence in your physique. Back, shoulders, chest, ears … in any area you can perform laser treatments and definitely forget about complexes.

6. It is universal

Laser hair removal treatment can be performed on all types of skin or hair, except gray hair. Gray hair is characterized by a lack of melanin, so the laser is not attracted to the follicle and the treatment is not effective.

Take advantage of all the benefits that the permanent hair removal method brings you. Join the laser and say goodbye to your hair.

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