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The 7 Ideal Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Can Learn From to Take Over The World

The field of digital marketing has been growing and evolving uninterruptedly in the past few years. Thus, there has also been quick changes in the demands and needs of the audience. Consequently, it has led to changes in the strategies of digital marketing services. But, it isn’t easy to adapt to the rapid rate of evolution in the digital marketing field. Also, digital marketing campaigns play a significant role for the marketers of this field. Since the rate of changes from the audience’s side has become quite fast, it has caused the requirement of specific effective digital marketing campaigns.

To assist you with the best campaigns for digital marketing, we have accumulated and briefed them down in the following list. Thus, the following list carries the ideal digital marketing campaigns that prove to be most engaging and effective for the present, constantly evolving digital marketing world.

Mobile Monkey

Mobile Monkey is a Facebook messenger chatbot that is used for businesses. It executes whatever it goes around preaching the world. First, they had successfully increased their reach and scaled down the costs for customer acquisition. They did so through their chatbot and, thus, ideally tackled the rise in the customer acquisition costs. Second, they altered to optimizing for messages.

As a result, they could effortlessly collect the information of the customers and retarget their audience. Third, they cut off their cost per lead acquisition massively and by a percentage of about 97%. Consequently, they could reach out to a broader and more massive audience base. Lastly, they used some beautiful templates.


The growing popularity of Lyft reflects how successful a digital marketing services company it is and how impeccable its digital marketing campaigns are. It is soon to overtake Uber in the digital marketing field. This company understood that Americans opt for convenience over anything, and thus, they focused on that aspect. They conducted a referral program that spread their services and popularized them rapidly over time.

Lyft offers referral codes and incentives to their clients through which their customers and their friends can avail themselves of the ride for free or at discounted rates. What could be a better source of attracting customers than offering them incentives, which Lyft understood and utilized ideally?


Dove understands that emotions are associated with the products that they sell to their customers. They know that women do not just want to look better; they look forward to feeling better, and thus, the digital marketing agency of Dove creates some of the most creative digital marketing campaigns.

Their Real Beauty Campaign is one of the most heartfelt and touching campaigns that stated that around 80 per cent of women from the age of 13 started perceiving their appearances as distorted as and less flattering than they are. Therefore, Dove upheld the message of natural beauty that touched a large audience base and consequently, it spread popularly.


Gillette spread an important message through it “We believe: The Best Man Can Be” campaign. It had spread a social message that stood against the concept of toxic masculinity. Therefore, it, too, had a heartfelt message that stuck the right chord in the hearts of its customers. It means that they reached out to their customer base through the fulfilment of a social message that caused a stir in the emotions of many.

This campaign firmly upheld the wrongfulness of certain societal norms, and as a result, Gillette reached a large audience base.

Fitbit Stories

Fitbit Stories focused on the aspect of motivating and inspiring their audience. These two qualities are two of the most influential and effective components that leave a mark in the mind of the viewers. Thus, Fitbit emphasized how their users can utilize their sports app to change their life for betterment and more flourishment.

As a result, the campaign showed stories of people who had brought about a positive change in their lives through the sports app of Fitbit. And, seeing some authentic and successful motivational stories positively impacts the viewers, which successfully made this campaign a successful one for Fitbit.


The campaign of Volkswagen was called “The Last Mile”. It offered a farewell to the famous and legendary musical band Beetle. Therefore, the fact that it became a successful campaign was because of the emotions that were attached to this iconic musical band. Furthermore, it showcased the influence of the car and its models that evolved by and by on the different cultures.

It had impacted many famous personalities and cultures, and that advertisement thus appealed to the viewers. Therefore, it reflected the essentiality of genuine content and bridges a connection between the product and the audience.

Old Spice

The commercial of Old Spice that was “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”, was hilarious, and thus, it appealed to the audience so immensely. The campaign’s concept was to make the commercial as insane and funny as possible, and comedy or humor spreads rapidly in the present world.

Old Spice realized this aspect and thus, targeted to make a commercial that would ideally cover the comedy and humor aspect. Since it was uniquely funny, the company name and the commercial became popular in no time and is still remembered as one of the company’s most hilarious and iconic commercials.


There are several underlying factors that the above campaigns covered ideally. First, they undertook one or the other influential aspects that made their campaigns reach a large audience base. The bottom line stands such that it is essential to know the audience’s demands or the customers. Second, reaching out to them through specific social or revolutionary messages makes it effortless to spread the campaign more widely.

Lastly, it is essential to execute everything skillfully and perfectly. Thus, ask your digital marketing service provider to focus on the underlying factors mentioned above. And, you, too, would smoothly and effectively conduct a popular and successful digital marketing campaign that would eventually help you grow your audience base and reach the highest ranks at a fast pace.

Josh Argenton

Josh Argenton is a well-known blogger who has been writing for the last several years. He has written blogs and articles on a wide range of topics including technology, health & beauty, sports, business, food, animal, entertainment, home improvements and much more. He helps brands share unique and impactful stories through the use of public relations, advertising, and online marketing.

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