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Computers and Technology

Some Exclusive Features and Benefits HPE 10500 Switches

The HP 10500 Switch Series sets a replacement benchmark for performance, reliability, and scalability with Next-generation Clos architecture. Designed for enterprise campus core networks, the HPE 10500 Switch Series enables a cloud-connected, rich media-capable infrastructure. The switch Series provides industry-leading 10GbE / 40GbE / 100GbE port density, 3-microsecond latency, and really low energy consumption.

With HP Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) technology, the scalability, and resilience of The HPE 10500 Switch Series are often expanded and virtualized in up to 4 chassis with one management interface that permits flatter and more agile networks. After that, this series of switches, alongside all HP FlexNetwork architecture, are managing often seamlessly through the HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC), which provides a one pane management view of infrastructure.

Features and Benefits

HP Comware Advanced Modular Operating System

Allows high stability, independent monitoring, and restart of individual software modules, and enhanced software process serviceability features. Also allows individual software modules to be updated for greater availability, and supports enhanced serviceability features

A software update in commission

But provides an upgrade to the whole chassis or a private task or process, without packet loss

Distributed architecture with separation of control and data planes

Consequently provides greater fault tolerance and facilitates near-continuous operation and zero service An outage during planned or unplanned control-plane events

Multi-user device context

Virtualizes a physical switch across multiple logical devices, and each logical switch has its own processes, configuration, and administration

High-speed, fully distributed architecture

Moreover, HPE 10500 Switches provides up to 11.52 Tbps of switching capacity with released line cards and up to 13.72 Tbps change of tissue capacity with Type D tissue; Modules provide non-blocking wire-speed 10GbE / 40GbE / 100GbE throughput; With 4 fabrics, the switch delivers up to 8,571 million PPS performance; all switching and routing are done on the I / O modules. Also, you need to satisfy the demand for bandwidth-intensive applications today and in the future

Scalable system design

Provides investment protection to support future technologies and higher-speed connectivity, as the switch is meant to extend the bandwidth of the backplane

Flexible chassis selection

Allows you to tailor product selections to your budget with a choice of 4 chassis: the 10504 switches (4 module slots open), 10508 switches (8 module slots open), 10508-V switch (8 module slots open) open module slots) and 10512 switches (12 open module slots)

High-density port connectivity

Offers up to 12 slots for interface modules; provides up to 96 40GbE ports, 576 10GbE ports, and 576-gigabit fiber / electric ports per system

Giant frames

Subsequently enables high-performance backups and disaster recovery systems; and provides a maximum 9K byte frame size


Supports internal loopback testing for maintenance purposes and increased availability; Loopback detection protects against incorrect cabling or network configurations and may be enabled per port or per VLAN for added flexibility

Ethernet Operations, Management, and Maintenance (OAM)

Most importantly, you need to detect data link layer problems that occurred in the “last mile” using the IEEE 802.3ah OAM standard. Also, You need to monitor link status between 2 devices

Flexible port selection

Provides a combination of fiber and copper interface modules, 100 / 1000BASE-X auto rate 10/100 / 1000BASE-T plus auto duplex and MDI / MDI-X auto speed selection and detection Software-Defined Networks (SDN)

OpenFlow 1.3

So, it enables SDN to provide an end-to-end solution to automate the network, enabling rapid application deployments (Comware v7 only)

Powerful QoS function

Supports the following congestion actions: strict priority queue (SP), weighted round-robin (WRR), Weighted Fair Queue (WFQ) and WRED

Redundant and load-sharing fabrics, management, fan assemblies, and power supplies

Increases total performance and power availability while providing stateful and error-free failover

All hot-swappable modules

Allows module replacement without any impact on other modules

Independent data and control paths

Besides, separate control of services and isolated service processing; increases safety and performance

Passive design system

Offers increased system reliability as the backplane has no active components

Smart Resilient Framework (IRF)

Most importantly, creates virtual resilient switch fabrics, where 2 or more switches function as one L2 switch and L3 router; The switches do not have to be co-located and can be part of a disaster recovery system. So, Servers or switches can be connected using standard LACP to automatic load balancing and high availability. So, This can help eliminate the need for complex protocols such as Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), Equal-Cost Multipath (ECMP), or Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), simplifying network operation.

Access Control List (ACL)

Although, supports strong ACLs for IPv4 and IPv6; ACLs are using to filter traffic and avoid unauthorized users to accessing the network, or to monitor network traffic to save means; rules can deny or allow forwarding of traffic; For instance, it can be based on a Layer 2 header or Layer 3 protocol header. Additionally, rules can be configured to operate on specific dates or times Datasheet | HP 10500 Switch Series 8

Remote Authentication Dial-Up User Service (RADIUS)

So, makes it easy to manage switch security access using a password authentication server

Terminal access controller access control system (TACACS +)

Also, HPE 10500 Switches Offers a TCP authentication tool with encryption of the full authentication request, providing additional security

Switch management logon security

Certainly helps protect the switch CLI logon by optionally requiring RADIUS or TACACS + authentication

Secure shell (SSHv2)

On the other hand, HPE 10500 Switches use external servers to securely log into a remote device; authentication and encryption protect against IP spoofing.

1-year warranty 2.0

However advanced hardware replacement with delivery in 10 calendar days (available in most countries)

Electronic and telephone support (for Warranty 2.0)

But HP offers limited electronic and 24×7 telephone support throughout the warranty.

period; So, if you want to contact our support centers, see hp.com/networking/contact-support; for details

For the duration of the support provided with the purchase of the product. Also, you can see hp.com/networking/warranty summary

Software versions

In Conclusion, to find software for your product, for details on the software versions that are available with the purchase of your product. see hp.com/networking/support. So, you can see hp.com/networking/ warranty summary.

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