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Some common irritating door locks issues

The doors and the locks are two things that can’t work without each other. The purpose of both things fulfills when both things combine in an order. The doors are useless without locks and the same for the locks. The locks are useless without doors.

The locks are categorized into different types like manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. The purpose of the locks is the same in all categories. If the door has good quality and fitting but locks are not up to the mark so no benefit in buying high-quality doors. As risk will remain the same even with high-quality doors.

The same is for the lock. if the door quality and fitting compromise so no benefit in buying high-quality locks. So, the combination of the door and the lock must need to follow the same standard. Both need to be set on the fixed quality level, any compromise on the quality will result in safety and security issues.

We all commonly use doors and locks on regular basis. Further, we face many issues on daily basis because of several reasons. As compare to doors, locks come under many kinds of faults, because those different mechanisms run at the same time.

So here we are going to discuss a different kinds of common faults and issues with the locks. They are normal in our daily life. Some of them we understand and sometimes we do not understand it. Here is the list of the different locks issues which are as follows.

1. Lock get sticky

As we know this is the most common issue with the locks, they get sticky when any key or something else is stuck in them. It happens when someone does something intentionally, like using another key for the lock. Further any other material use instead of the key can also do the same thing. So, the solution for this matter is only to replace the lock for quick use.

Most of the time repairing does not work for that type of issue as due to several tries lock gets already damage. So, replacement is the only solution to get rid of this problem.

2. Lock gets frozen

Due to the strong weather and less maintenance for the locks they get frozen. That means not easy to open it with a normal key or if using automatic locks that can be a big issue. if no proper maintenance for any kind of lock it gets frozen easily in the cold weather. The proper oiling and greasing are mandatory which can avoid the cold.

Most of the time need to heat the locks to get back again in the same condition. But that thing can’t be possible for everyone to do it.

3. Misalignment of lock

The misalignment is the matter of wrong fixing and improper fixing of the lock and the door. This is the main technical issue by the technicians as they know the balance and accurate place for the fitting. Another matter which belongs to the misalignment is wrong and rough use of door and the locks.

For proper solution just need to focus on the proper fitting further also need to handle doors and locks gently.

4. Key broken issue

The broken key issue matter of different things, either lock inside setting does not work properly, or the key design has damage. The third matter belongs to the quality of the lock because mostly locks life is not much short. If quality is not good so that problem will pop up, again and again, no matter how many times change the lock.

5. Door closing issue due to lock

Sometimes the door and the lock function oppositely. Some time lock has no problem door balance does not allow it to open. Some time door closes due to the lock not function in a proper way. The rougher use of the locks leads to the issue of door opening and closing.

6. Broken lock

Sometimes the doors and the locks look fine but in actual locks get broken from inside. That is the stage that is not easy to understand. Because from the upper side lock looks fine but from inside it is broken. The broken lock is only be detected by the expert so the replacement with the one and only solution.

7. Key inserting issue

Most of the time the people try to use one key chain for all keys. That is the big issue for the locks. As the same kind of keys mostly create issues. People try to unlock with a different key which results in damage to the lock. As wrong inserting of key and wrong key both are the big issue for the lock failure.

8. Bolt stuck in the lock

Sometimes wrong or loose fitting and improper use of the doors and lock make things worse. As in many situations, the inside bolt comes out and they are stuck in the lock and the door. That means chances of getting damaged doors or locks get high.

9. Knob gets loose

Due to the quality and fitting issues, most of the time knobs and handles get loose. That losing can hurt the complete lock system as well. For this need to adjust the lock immediately otherwise it can damage the door and lock place as well with the lock. You can say it is the first sign of the damaging door and lock.

10. Rust & dust in the lock

Further due to change in the weather dust and rust can be hurt the door and the locks as well, so need to do proper oiling and greasing to avoid that kind of issue. The more careless use means more chances of damage.

11. Quality of locks & proper fixing

The lock quality and fixing matter a lot, because all things mostly depend on those two things. Do focus on that two things longer life will be for the door and locks as well.

Guide line

The best suggestion is to buy only good quality doors and locks with some industry expert like @Cortech. Otherwise, how many times need to compromise on the safety and security during replacements of doors and locks. One-time good buying is always better than cheap buying again and again.

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