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Self-Publishing a Book

Self-Publishing a Book

mermaid publishers

Publishing a book unassisted and separately on an online platform without involving a publishing agent and following the conventional route is considered Self-publishing.

Authors are often suggested to hire a publishing agent to get their work published in a well-known publishing house via traditional way;

however, they do not receive a justified reward for their work in the form of ownership, rights, and money.

Therefore, it is recommended to proceed through self-publishing for authors who are exhausted from conventional publishing and who want to free themselves from dependence and control.

The article highlights few advantages of self-publishing;

Preserve & Strengthen Author’s Creativity:

In many instances, it has been observed that traditional publishers often suppress the ideas and creativity of an author to mold the concept as per their choices.

To get the work publish, the author has to admit the changes in their work, even if they don’t like it. This, many times, ceases the core message, intention, and uniqueness of the author’s work.

In order to avoid such scenarios, it is best to choose self-publishing of your work. Then, an author can freely deliver their idea to the world and express their strengths and vulnerabilities to the readers without filter and judgments.

How to Become An Author?

“Mermaid publishing is a one shop stop for all your publishing problems. Every day, we work hard to take our publishing website to another level to provide our customers with new and quicker ways of publishing their work, communicating, and connecting with the world. Mermaid publishers based in the UK publishes high-quality books covering a broad range of titles by well known and new authors, including business and legal texts, books on personal development and health, history, biographies, memoirs, children’s, young adult books, science or speculative fiction, horror or fantasy and poetry collection.”

Master of Your Own:

When authors plan to self-publish their book independently, they free themselves from unwanted permissions, restrictions, and delays.

Self-publishing a book provides them complete control over their work. Now, it is an author’s choice to either perform all necessary services by themselves, like editing, marketing, designing, etc. or get assistance.

The author often hires online service providers as editors, proofreaders, marketers, and designers. All in all, an author can make complete decisions about their work from beginning to end.

Fair Payments & Royalties:

Conventionally publishing your work through traditional publishers will often lead to biasedness towards payments and royalties. As a result, the authors might not get justified prices for their work.

Self-publishing can overcome these circumstances, as there will be no middle man to share your profit with, and an author can earn more as compared to traditional publishing.

For example, some online platforms like Amazon often pay 70% royalties on e-books.

However, self-publishing is expensive compared to traditional publishing,

as here the author has to spend their own money,

unlike traditional ones, where the publishing house bears all expenses.

But in the end, an author will earn and receive way more money than the traditional one.

Saves Time:

The traditional publishers take a lot of time to execute the process of publishing due to their increasing demands and high traffic.

Even the procedure of accepting one’s proposal of submission takes weeks to months, and authors have to wait for their turn.

Self-publishing can skip the step of waiting and save the author’s time, as here, the author is not under anyone’s supervision and control. They can write, edit, design, market, and publish the book by themselves without further delay.

Increase Networking:

The self-publishing process is fruitful and beneficial for an author’s career,

as it increases the network and expands the author’s social circle.

For self-publishing, authors have to meet new people, join groups and socialize with likewise people who can help them in editing, marketing, and designing, which will enlarge the author’s social circle.

Increased networking helps the author get new opportunities and represent them on multiple platforms,

thus helps in the growth and development of career.

Furthermore, when began to self-publish their work, an author will go through a variety of new things they have not experienced before, like designing a book cover and formatting, marketing their work, proofreading, etc.,

which will enhance and improve the skills of an author as well.

The self-publishing process saves the time of an author and empowers them as they are their boss and got nobody to rule over them. The author can represent themselves as best as they can, in their unique way. Self-publishing gives an author complete control over their creativity by allowing themselves to be and show who they are. The best reward for an author of self-publishing is the money and credit; they get fair payments for their work without unnecessary shares to the publishing house and receive high royalties. The author in self-publishing will get absolute credit for their work too.

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