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RNI Registration: Two things that you should keep in mind

Every single day, billions of newspaper end up on the doorsteps of Indian citizens. There hundreds of different types of them and none of them came into existence without RNI registration. The permission to publish and circulate newspapers in India, it’s a certification for which not much information is present online.

And there are two things about it that you must always keep in mind. 

In this article, we are going to unveil them to you, lifting the shroud of misinformation and providing you the facts as they are. 

First thing that you must know: RNI registration hinges on newspaper title

Every single newspaper that you need doesn’t have the right information. In fact, courtesy of the new age where impartial information is virtually absent, what you read is mostly filled with agenda. Then why the government allows the circulation of such products? It’s simple – the title of these newspaper have the approval. 

While we can push on how it’s the content that’s important, the reality is it’s all about the title of the newspaper. As long as you have a unique and a meaningful title that you can cook-up, you can put anything on the newspaper – as long as you put “news” in front of it. 

Here are the tips that you can follow to come up with an engaging title. 

  1. Learn all about the present newspapers in India: Research is the father of getting anything done in the world. Therefore, you must first obtain know about how to check RNI registration number. Knowing this will let you see information about the publications active in India currently. In turn, you’d know the types of newspaper titles that are approved by the RNI. 
  2. Stay away from official terms: Official terms used by the government must not be the part of your newspaper title. While they can grant you the interest of the readers, RNI registration compliance prohibit their usage. Therefore, if you want to add words like “Official Department” or “Authority” to your newspaper title, think of something else. 
  3. Don’t use titles that can harm the sentiment of the people: In this era of seeking engagement, nothing is off limits. People don’t shy away from resorting to the most controversial titles just to get attention. Unfortunately, the same has been going on with newspaper titles. Fortunately, the Registrar of Newspaper in India is rejecting those titles. Thus, if you’re thinking of a title that can possible hurt the sentiment of a particular community, rethink. 

Second thing that you should know: It’s all about timing

Everything about newspaper certification from the point you fill the online application to where you publish your first copy, is about timing. You need to orient yourself with the deadline of  newspaper registration. Simply put, you have to do everything as quickly as possible, while the RNI takes it time. 

It happens when you fill the online application. Once it’s filled, you need to submit its offline copy to the Sub Divisional Magistrate in your region. If you’re late in your submission, you’ll receive a notification informing you of the late penalty. These “penalties” might seem small, but when you’re late, you’ve already given a reason to the SDM to not heed your request. Even if you submit the application within as per the new deadline present in the notification. After that, there is a chance the SDM won’t pick it up right away. 

Secondly, you need to punctual when you receive the authenticated declaration. You obtain after you obtain the title verification letter and after you’ve authenticated the declaration of the same. Once you receive the authenticated declaration, you get 42-90 days – depending upon the publishing interval of your newspaper – to publish your first copy. If you don’t do the needful within that time, you’ll need to submit another authenticated declaration. 

That delay can give the official enough time to come up with more issues in your application. It doesn’t matter whether they are legit or not, what does matter it your permission publish your newspaper can slip from your hands. 


Find out all that you can about the titles that RNI approves before filing your application. And when you do, also know the value of time. There is a new race going on for newspaper publications and if your news has value, you need to early to inform more customers. There are two things that you must know about RNI registration. They are not only important, but they decide whether or not you can obtain the permission to publish your newspaper in India. If you want to be on time, consult with Registrationwala.

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