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Realizing the promise Education Technology | Improve Learning


Presently, the world is entirely dependent on Education technology. You take the help of the web when you wonder, “Who will do my assignment ?” You cannot ignore the importance of technology in the present times. The ongoing pandemic has made technology even more critical.

Education has completely transformed over the past year. The schools and colleges are closed, and the only way to get the necessary lessons is through the web. The teachers and students have faced many challenges to adapt to this new environment. It is not wrong to wonder about the impact of education technology on the students and teachers. Has it improved the learning process and brightened your future to get high-authority government jobs?

Does it help students to learn things better? It is essential to understand the various implications of technology on education. The following sections will help you know the impact and if the technology has improved learning at all.

How is technology helping Education?

Today the kids have better knowledge of gadgets and technology than the elders. Some blame it on their parents. Working parents do not give much time to their kids, which results in the dependency on technology. But, if you look at it from some other perspective, you might think it to be a blessing in disguise. The present situation needs everyone to be well equipped with technology. Kids are unable to get the necessary lessons if they do not know how to use the gadgets. Let us look into the ways technology has helped in educating kids.

  • Learning more

Students have always longed for an interactive study session. You will not like to be forced to study and give up everything you feel passionate about. Earlier, you needed to be in school or college for a specific time. It was necessary to do regular homework to keep up with the class. Traditional teaching is something that made you study. But with the onset of e-learning, students have become more flexible. You can look into the web if you are unable to understand a particular lesson. Students can browse through some YouTube videos to understand any lesson. It makes studying more enjoyable. It will motivate you to learn.

  • Tools and opportunities for teachers

Any sudden change will have some resistance. Similarly, when the education system decided on this change, teachers resisted the same. Traditional mindsets cannot be changed all of a sudden. But it can happen with time. Like the students, teachers also enjoy using technology.

Instead of writing things down or asking the students to refer to some books, teachers can easily use different materials while teaching. If you are presenting a particular lesson, you can search everything on the net and use technology to keep those website links in your presentation. This way, it becomes easy to teach students, and they can also use the same to learn the different chapters.

  • No more free periods

In school or college, if a teacher is absent for a day, students enjoy that period. But learning gets hampered in the process. Technology has a solution for this as well. When you sit for an online class, and somehow the teacher cannot connect, you can still get the instructions and continue with your learning. Sometimes it gets tough for the teachers to be online at the right time.

Setting up some tasks for that particular time will keep the students busy. You can send in a link, fix a time, and ask the students to work while you finish your work. It does not hamper the learning, and the student is not left sitting idle.

  • Project-based learning

Interactive sessions are well-liked by students across all levels. Students need to be an active part of the process. The teachers have always motivated students to join in, but few students shy away from doing so. Online classes have brought teachers and students closer.

The teachers now know the names of the last benchers even. So, when projects are assigned to students, they can use technology to share their opinions and collect valid data. You can share the same with your teacher while doing the project. It makes working on the project exciting and helps you learn the subject well.

Technology has always been there. But the extensive use of the same has come into effect recently. Students depend on technology when it comes to assignment writing assistance or any other project-related support. The above points will help you learn how technology can help in learning. But is it beneficial? Let us dig deeper.

Education technology: Is it Really Helpful?

It is not necessary to blame the pandemic situation for the massive change in the education system. Students and teachers have always been dependent on technology to teach and learn. But the increase in the impact of technology cannot be denied. It is essential to know how far technology has been effective in improving the education system. In terms of learning, it has proved to be advantageous. But, the effectiveness is yet to be measured.

As per a study, it has been noted that few education technologies have a positive effect on cognitive and non-cognitive skills, but some others are not that effective. The teachers and policymakers have to select the right technologies and tools to teach the students. Education is an essential part of a person. The tools and mediums cannot be based on a marketing campaign or the popularity of any product. The teachers need to know the impact of those tools before implementing them into the educational system.

Till date, the educational system has seen a lot of investment. The teachers have invested in buying the best gadgets to teach students. The researchers agree that education technology is helpful, but they are not sure about the right ones. It is essential to identify the tools that are best suited for the students. You cannot choose a system without judging the pros and cons. It is very important to teach the right lessons to students. They are the future, and it needs to be secured.


The days are not far when the world will be completely dependent on technology. You have Artificial Intelligence in place, and the smart city concept is already in the pipeline. It is high time you understand the essence of technology. It has been helpful in many sectors.

Education is one of the crucial parts of our culture. You need your child to be well educated and have the basic values and manners to have a good life ahead. Instilling values cannot be possible with the help of technology. It is up to the parents and teachers. But, as far as learning and enjoying the classes are concerned, technology might be the key.

Technology has shown a lot of usefulness in the education system. Students enjoy their daily classes and have the luxury of looking into different sources while doing their assignments. All of these add up to the proper learning of a subject. Hence, education technology is useful and helps in the learning process.

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Written by Dr. Ozair (CEO of SignSymptom.com) as physician writers are physicians who write creatively in fields outside their practice of medicine.

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