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Awnings Sunshine Coast Evening Range

Awnings are exterior window coverings that attach to the exterior walls of your home. They will keep your home cool, reduce your air conditioning bill and help protect furniture from sun damage. Avenues can install to provide patio cover, to reduce direct sun exposure, and therefore to give you an extra outdoor area to enjoy all year round.

Nicki’s Blinds manufactures and installs a large range of ions for homes and businesses on the Sunshine Coast. If you are looking for awnings in our area, look no further than Awnings Sunshine Coast. There is a wide range of different styles from us including fixed guide awnings, folding arm awnings, cafe-style awnings, zip track awnings, and louver screen styles.

At Nicki’s Professional Security Screens & Blinds

Our awnings make from versatile materials and come in a wide range of colors and patterns to suit your personal taste. Our awnings are manufactured with quality materials and craftsmen, ensuring a strong durable product that will withstand the components.

Folding or retractable arm awnings can significantly increase sensitive areas without the costs associated with building permanent structures.

A folded hand canopy without an existing wall or roof and an unsightly supporting post are ideal for enhancing the shade of that outdoor space.

Simply open or close the awnings Sunshine Coast to provide the required results. Turn it off at the end of the day and protect it.

Folding arm awnings allows you to use different settings for different reasons. Withdraw these completely for maximum sunshine. Where provided you can adjust the angle of the shaman to change the lighting and space.

The foldable arm awning is self-supporting and can be folded well without the need for vertical stanchions.

Operation manual or automatic through gearbox or motorization. Wind chill wind and sun sensor control can be provided.

There is an awning here that is perfect for your home

Here on the Sunshine Coast, it is quite hot and sunny so a canopy can make life much more comfortable. Reduce the heat in your living room, give your deck extra shade, or keep the west sun from fading your lounge. There are many reasons to add an awning and we have a stack of solutions. With six different designs and hundreds of colors and styles, we can create a custom that is perfectly suited for your home or business.

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Zip screen

A zip screen is one of the best new outdoor blind products on the market. Keep them in your yard to protect them from the sun (including UV rays), rain, and wind. The watch technology provides a complete seal along the edges, allowing you to stop insects and any unwanted insects.

With the help of motorized or manually controlled crank gear or spring, you can enjoy the comfort outside, ready for rain, wind, or western sun.

Automatic rollup

Automatic roll-up awnings are perfect for keeping heat away from your residence. These can be easily lowered and lowered to the correct height to give you the perfect balance of light and heat protection. They can be motorized so they can go up and down with a simple push of a button, suitable for the elderly or the disabled.

Pivot arm

The pivot arm style has the advantage of being adjustable in terms of shade protection but still maintains good airflow through the windows. Just as the canopy sits well out of the window, cool air flows easily so that your house can be well ventilated. A huge range of fabric colors and quality corrosion-resistant frames make them a popular choice on the Sunshine Coast.

Wire guide

Perfect for wide spans, these quality awnings can raise or lowered using hand cranks or motorized for push-button ease. The wires are stainless steel so will not rust and only quality UV resistant fabric will use. Wide up to 5.5 meters, these awnings are great for west-face sliding doors. Just pop the canopy in the afternoon for protection and back up after sunset. Depending on your needs the fabric ranges from complete blocks to mesh.

Folding arm

If you want to be able to choose the sun or shade over your space, you need a folded hand canopy. We make these in any shape that suits your home or business. The standard is manual crank open and close, but we can automatically close your canopy with the motor drive as well as rain and wind sensors. This auto feature can prevent storm damage if not in your home. A large range of fabric styles and colors is available so we will tailor one to your color scheme.

Tensioned membrane

Our exciting membrane awnings provide architectural style with the advantage of light clarity. This shade structure supports by light steel and or wire and constructed using PVC coated or PTFE fabric. They will withstand rain, hail, and sun without damage. These are great to look at and require very little maintenance. Great for home and commercial spaces.

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