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Propose Now Decide Later The Will You Engagement Ring Trend

Starting to fantasize about a new beginning? You should be prepared because you might get married. Putting together the perfect proposal and selecting the perfect ring without your significant other can be difficult. Every year, ring fashions evolve. Custom Jewelry has always been the quickest way to a girl’s heart. You may be unsure of what ring size, shape, or setting would be best for your bride. This is a common issue for grooms, particularly when it comes to keeping the perfect proposal a surprise. In contrast, the new “Will You Ring?” This trend changes the way couples do shopping for rings.

Will You? The ring arrives in a traditional box, but when the bride-to-be opens it, the top of the box reads, “The first of many things we’ll do together.”

What Are Will You Rings?

Will you rings are also known as placeholder rings & have other names too, but they all make the perfect surprise proposal with the perfect ring. A “Will You” ring is one that the groom wears when he proposes to his future wife. As previously said, it can be difficult to keep the secret that he is going to ask you out, especially if he is constantly asking the bride what engagement ring style she prefers and sneaking her jewelry off the counter to find out her ring size. This is where and how the “Will You” ring trend first took off. Instead of stressing over finding the “perfect” ring the first time, the groom can choose a placeholder ring to propose with. This conceals the proposal and allows the engaged couple to return later to select the perfect ring together.

Take the ring together after getting the yes. 

That is the guiding principle behind the most recent engagement ring trend.

You must wait for ‘the ring in this case. However, you will still receive an ‘a’ ring.

The concept of Will You Rings extends the concept of surprising your partner with a ring to include the additional experience of purchasing the ring together as a couple.

The Advantages Of “Will You” Rings

Many modern brides-to-be have been planning and visualizing their engagement ring cut and style in this day and age, repinning ideas on their Pinterest board, and saving Instagram posts of their favorites. Even with all of the modern tools at their disposal, grooms-to-be can feel a lot of pressure to give their partners a ring they will cherish forever. This is where the “Will You?” rings come in.

Finding The Perfect Ring Can Be Difficult

If you fear making any commitment (to the ring, not your fiance!) A placeholder engagement ring can provide you with the invaluable gift of time: time to ensure that the ring you will wear for the rest of your life is something you and your future spouse both adore. Making this important decision on your own can be extremely stressful for the groom. Even if you know your fiance like the back of your hand, there is always the nagging fear on both sides that the perfect ring will not be selected.

While many couples choose to do the task of selecting the perfect wedding ring together, there is still an innate pressure and drive for the groom to do so on his own. Buying a placeholder engagement ring phoenix satisfies the needs of both parties. The groom receives the satisfaction of a surprise proposal as well as the opportunity to choose a beautiful piece that expresses his feelings for the bride. ​​

Experiment With Various Ring Styles

Because this is not your final ring, placeholder rings allow you to be daring! This is your and your fiance’s chance and choice to try out different ring settings, metals, and unusual colored gemstones. Colored gemstones like emeralds and rubies are becoming increasingly popular in engagement rings. If you aren’t ready to commit to spending on an engagement stone that isn’t a genuine traditional diamond, placeholder rings allow you to be adventurous and test-drive an emerald engagement ring.

Stackable Engagement Rings

Couples frequently add additional bands to their wedding rings as their relationship progresses to commemorate their 25th anniversary, 50th anniversary, the birth of their first child, and so much more! But why put off making those memories tangible until after your wedding? For all couples, the time of your proposal is a special moment. Following the “Will you Ring” trend, a groom may choose a stackable engagement ring that can be sautered to the engagement ring that he and his bride later choose. Adding additional bands to the engagement ring is a memorable and fun way to create a one-of-a-kind engagement set! 

Make sure You will never, ever lose your engagement ring

You want to show it off to your family, friends, & to the world. We understand. And what’s the worst thing that could happen to your engagement ring? The prospect of losing it! These things happen more frequently than we would like to see. While you may want to wear your ring at all times, there are some precautions you can take or places you can place your ring when doing things like sleeping, traveling, or going to the gym. Silicone rings and other alternatives to the risk of losing or damaging your ring while out and about have grown in popularity. However, when stacked against a traditional ring, they don’t look very good. A placeholder gemstone ring gives you the peace of mind that if something unfortunate happens, it won’t be as devastating as losing your grandmother’s heirloom diamond ring.


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