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Health and Fitness

Power Wheelchair VS Mobility Scooter: What Should You Choose?

Disabilities lead to depression, especially when you are suffering for years and years. Some seniors and even young adults experience chronic illnesses, leading to certain disabilities resulting in loss of movement. They are not able to perform daily life activities. These people focus on having a wheelchair and even a mobility scooter to roam around. As wheelchairs and mobility scooters provide support to oneself with disability. Wheelchairs are designed to help people who have severe injuries and are not able to move. Most people get tired by using a manual wheelchair, as a manual wheelchair needs strength to move. But a power wheelchair is not like a manual wheelchair. Same as mobility scooters are also the best choice if you want to go out of your home.

Let us discover some amazing facts about power wheelchairs and mobility scooters and also let us find out which one is better. 

Benefits of Power Wheelchair

Power wheelchairs and mobility scooters are best for those seniors who can not perform daily activities and movement. They are the ones that run on batteries and a person can control them by using the joystick and buttons attached to the armrest. This wheelchairs do not need extra strength to operate them. It can easily be used by seniors. Electric wheelchairs can be easily adjustable and customized to the demand of the user. A user can change its height, armrest height and the angle of the backrest to provide comfort and support on a power wheelchair. The best part of using this wheelchair is that if a person suffers from a rare and mild injury, this wheelchair is specifically designed to move around the house and to cover small distances. 

Benefits of Mobility Scooter

People are mostly confused about the mobility scooter and wheelchair. Wheelchair and mobility scooters do not look alike. The Electric mobility scooter is designed to give a shape of a scooter and is more likely to be used by those disabled people who can manage to move their bodies. Plumber Allan R. Thieme was the first person who invested in this amazing mobility scooter in 1968. Traveling on the road while driving is easy but what if someone is disabled? For them, a mobility scooter is the best choice. It can help a person move from one place to another. Providing a sense of independence to an individual. The best part is, the mobility scooters run much faster than a power wheelchair. Probably the best choice for seniors.

Now you need not ask for help, you can go and roam outside your house with your help. Asking help from an assistant all the time makes you sick. Mobility scooters make life much easier. 

All You Need is a Support System

Every disabled senior and individual needs a support system to move all the time. But calling up for assistance all the time is not possible. There are two possibilities for disabled people. If he wants to travel long distances on his own, then a mobility scooter is the best choice for him. As mobility scooters cover up the maximum distance. Whereas, a power wheelchair is used indoors and is not as fast as a mobility scooter. Both have their uses and benefits. You can even buy both of them and can use a power wheelchair indoor and mobility scooter outdoors. 

Average Mileage and Speed

Power wheelchairs and mobility scooters have a huge difference in their speed and mileage. Power wheelchair’s speed is limited. They are restricted to a speed of 6 km/hr and can cover up to 30 km. Especially when the battery is fully charged. Whereas mobility scooters are designed to travel more distance than a power wheelchair. It can cover up to 10 km/hr. Covering up a distance of 50km when it is fully charged. Those who want to stay at home can select the power wheelchair and those who are travelling lovers can go with the mobility scooters. 

Taking Everything in an Account 

Do not get confused about selecting the right power wheelchair and mobility scooter. Make a list of the features that you want in your supporting machine. Make sure the wheelchair and scooter provide you with comfort and relaxation. Look after if the machine you’re looking for is three-wheelers or four-wheelers. Always inspect the battery life before purchasing any mobility wheelchair or scooter. Proper guides are available on how to operate the power scooters and wheelchairs.

Make your life much easier by choosing your comfort zone. Reassurance, quality and safety must be your priority while using these machines. Inspect the joystick for easy use and the operating mechanism for the mobility scooter. Both are best for seniors and adults who suffer disabilities. Make yourself independent by selecting the right power wheelchair and mobility scooter. 


Humaiz ahmed is a digital marketeer, blogger, and entrepreneur. He loves to write on topics like digital marketing, health, fitness, lifestyle and life hacks where he can share his experience and knowledge with others.

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