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PEMDAS – Order Of Operations

The subject of mathematics is never-ending and consists of several topics. It has always been the foremost subject in one’s study. While one practices all these topics, students come across various operations that one needs to perform to solve a mathematical expression. They are the beginning of this subject. These are subtraction, division, addition or multiplication and some others as well. To solve any mathematical equation, these operations are to be used in an order or series for one to get a correct answer. To remember this order, there are various rules or formulas created. One of the famous acronyms created is BODMAS. There are many others as well like PEMDAS or BEDMAS. They have different expansions but in the end they result in the same order. Hence, these acronyms can be very helpful in finding the correct order for operations. Let us now learn and study more of the topic of PEMDAS:

Basic Knowledge About The Topic PEMDAS:

PEMDAS as an abbreviation to make it simple and easy to learn the series.

  • The P here is for ‘Parentheses’ also known as brackets, which states that when one solves an equation the very first thing to look for is a bracket. It should be the first thing that one solves in an equation. Any operation required to be solved inside the bracket has to be foremost.
  • The second alphabet in the abbreviation is E. This letter here means ‘Exponents’. Exponents mean the number written above the base. To illustrate – square of any digit, cubing of any digit, several squares or cube root, or solving any equation with Xy in this form, where X is the base and y is termed as an exponent.
  • The third and fourth letters are M and D that stand for multiplication/ division. This means that the next operation is division or multiplication. To begin the expression from the left going towards the right, whichever operation comes first in the equation will be solved foremost. Let us say if in an equation, division comes first, then we will divide first and multiply it after.
  • The fifth and sixth letters in the abbreviation are A and S. These two letters denote addition and subtraction. This states that the next operation here is addition/subtraction. In the equation beginning from the left side ending on the right, whichever function comes first will be solved first and then the one that comes next. To illustrate- if the equation is 8+6-7, then addition will be done first, as it comes before subtraction. Same way if the equation is 9-7+3, then subtraction will be done before addition.

The role of all PEMDAS, BODMAS, BEDMAS or any other acronym is to help one in learning the basic order of operations in an equation. All the letters in these words have different operations or meanings. The same formula or rule has a different name in other countries. Such as PEMDAS in Canada is known as BEDMAS which again has the same explanation. The above-mentioned information was a small portion or the beginning of this subject.

Many online platforms have now been set up to provide knowledge for this subject. One such platform is Cuemath. It is an online platform that provides students with highly qualified and educated teachers. One can also enroll for one-to-one sessions to avail personal attention. One of the most significant benefits of joining these classes is that one doesn’t have to go anywhere and can get this quality education from the comfort of their home. Hence, cue math can be a very good option for the students interested in learning mathematics.

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