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Need tips to create a vampire look? Read on!

If you want to get noticed with your vampire look, you can very easily accomplish this. With a few wardrobe additions and alterations, basic goth makeup you can pull off this look with ease.

How to give your wardrobe a vampirish upgradation?

Wear Victorian style black clothes

The vampire look is typically a goth style with twist. Though both the groups wear dark or black clothing predominantly, but the vampire look is more inclined towards a more romantic one. Examples of Victorian fashion would be gothic blouses, ruffled shirts, gothic capes, long skirts, corsets, velvet frock coats, cloaks, and vests. References to Edwardian, Elizabethan or even medieval styles is quite common in this look.

Look for vintage jewellery

Vintage jewelleries have a dated look that a vampire would live, since they are hundreds and thousands of years old. Check out thrift stores or online Gothic stores like Jordash Clothing for vintage jewellery, pocket watches, brooches and lockets. Any accessory made of leather, velvet or lace would work great.

Satin or lacy gloves also look good.

Get a pair of vintage-looking black boots

Look for a pair of boots that goes up to your mid-calf at least, but not past your knee. Plain black leather boots work fine, but if you get your hands onto the ornate, buckled pieces, then choose those. They look great with Gothic trousers. Women prefer a pair of heels many a times, but it is not always required.

Then, comes the Vampire hair and makeup

Getting yourself a pale base makeup is the basic that you would need

Get a high-quality foundation that is 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone. The shade of the foundation will also depend upon your complexion. After you have applied the foundation evenly with a blender, dust white powder all over your face lightly. The white loose powder will set your foundation and give it a shine. Do not over-powder, rather definitely apply some powder on the exposed areas as well to give them an even tone.

Now comes the role of contouring

After you are done with your foundation, concentrate on contouring for a defined look.  Use a bronzer, a dark blush or a dark blush to sculpt your face. Suck in your cheekbones and apply the shade in the dent of your cheek. Put the darkest makeup at your hairline, and go lighter as you move down to the dents of your cheek toward your mouth. Blend very well. This will help you create a gaunt look, since most vampires (we have seen or read about) have defined features.

Wear dark eyeshadow, dark eyeliner, and blood red, maroon or black lipstick

Eyeliner styles may vary and you create unique looks, like winged eyes or heavy kohl-lined eyes or may be good old smoky eyes. The eye shadow should be a dark and you need to apply it on the eyelids. You can also create a sassy look by mixing some dark red or blood red eyeshadow or eyeliner. Lipsticks in black or deep reds accentuate a pale complexion well. You can also skip the lipstick if you want. Just a pale mouth and dramatic eyes are good enough.

Grow long nails long and paint them with dark nail paints

Long nails not only look stylish but is also a favourite of the vampire goths. The nail paints need not be typically black, but can be any deep shades of reds, greens or violets.

Grow out your hair and dye in a black or very dark brown shade

The length is obviously up to you, but dark, longer hair is the most common look for people in the Victorian era, irrespective of all sexes. Wear it open, or tie it back with a velvet ribbon, the choice is completely yours. You could also choose to curl your hair with rollers and pin it up like a true Victorian hairstyle, if you like. Long braided pigtails and securing them with bobby pins at the crown in a sort of halo works great too.


Hello, I am Tyler Baker, a Digital Content Writer, writing on behalf of Jordash Clothing. Jordash Clothing is a global wholesaler of a fashion brand that is passionate about gothic, vintage, ethnic, retro, and alternative clothing.

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