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Nature craft ideas for kids you should remember to teach

Make prints of leaves with the sun.

On sunny days, pick up objects with original shapes. Using a particular paper, you will be able to create the imprints of your finds thanks to the sun’s rays Nature craft. Their silhouette will only appear in 5 minutes! Crazy right? Find all the explanations of Martha Stewart on these prints of leaves with the sun. You can also teach your kids easy school drawing from our website. 

Making dinosaur fossils

Children are very fascinated by dinosaurs. So making dinosaur fossils may keep them occupied for a long time! Little adventurers will love it Nature craft , especially since they will be able to gulp in the mud as much as they want. But the best thing with this brick is to show your friends their fossils when they are dry. Please find out how to make dinosaur fossils on our DIY sheet. 

Using nuts as boat hulls

And yes, nuts, they float! So what a great idea to use them as hulls for boats. Children can customize them as they wish, but above all, they can go wild on the river with them. To learn how to use nuts as boat hulls, follow the advice from Crow roosters crow.

Make a leaf bracelet.

After the necklace and the flower crown, here is the leaf bracelet. The girls will be able to make a complete set of natural jewelry! Pass the cereal helps you make leaf bracelets with simple tips.  Premium post 

DIY a wreath of branches

More original than a simple wreath of flowers, this disguise of branches is very easy to make! With this on their heads, your children will be sure to be the kings of the forest. Want to make this super trendy headband? 

Tinker with pebbles and pebbles

Using pebbles for crafts is also a great idea to keep the kids busy. The easiest way is to paint them! For example, make eyes, a nose, a mouth, or even circles and crosses to create a game of naught and crosses. These tiny stones are a huge source of inspiration for children! Discover all our ideas for crafts with pebbles and pebbles on Mimes.

Cover the windows with a curtain of colored leaves

This rustic DIY with leaves is made in the same way as the curtains of flower petals. However, this decoration to be made by children is reserved for the fall if we want to have colors. Research teaches you how to cover the windows with a curtain of colored leaves to invite nature into your home. 

Making a sundial with pebbles

This sundial will delight little scientists. And yes, nature is the basis for the best experiences. Have your child collect some pebbles, take a pencil. And the sun will take care of the rest! This craft is also an excellent way to learn the time in a fun way. Otherwise educating shows you how this sundial made with pebbles works.

Take apples as tampons.

Apple fill with water, much like sponges. Thus, they can ideally be used as tampons. Your children will be delighted to be able to cover them with paint and create beautiful drawings with them. You need to stick a stick in half an apple. Too easy, right? On Momes, you are even offered to paint an apple print!

Dress up with a leaf mask

Here is a very original costume for children to make with tree leaves. It takes freshly fallen leaves, a bit of cardboard, and string to make it. The whole tutorial to dress up with a leaf mask is available on Small friendly.

Make a mobile with elements of nature.

With this mobile, we mix wood, string, shells. Well, lots of 100% natural elements! We invite you to Nature craft make this decoration between land and sea with your children. We can find all the explanations on our DIY sheet to create mobile in driftwood, shells, and polished glass.

DIY a foldable herbarium

Making a herbarium was fun, and even more so if you can take its leaves everywhere with you! Find out how to make this pretty little accordion nature notebook on  Bkids.Typepad.

Imagine a memory with nuts.

To make this cute memory, you only need nuts and stickers or paint (depending on what you have left in the closet). In any case, here is an idea of ​​an activity to occupy the children to make crafts and then to use to play. For more information on this memory with nuts, visit Kedu block.

Make an impression of the leaves with paint.

This technique of painting using leaves is straightforward, even for the little ones. Kids will love using items salvaged from nature to make stencils! Discover more photos of this easy and fun activity thanks to Minnie-mama’s tutorial painting with autumn leaves.

Draw pictures with pebbles and wood

You don’t even need glue or scissors for this DIY. Children have to collect lots of items from Nature craft and place them on the ground to create drawings. This pretty mandala is signed Play complete earning. We invite you to take a quick tour of this site to discover other examples of nature mandalas to draw with children.

Make cards to recognize the different tree leaves.

After collecting leaves in the forest, glue them on leaves and look for the trees where they came from? This easy and fun activity will teach children a lot about Nature craft. This idea of cards to learn to recognize the different leaves of trees is signed Wild flower ramblings.

Dye tree leaves

Want to dye tree leaves with your children? Discover a great technique on Hand made charlotte to create pretty works of art with your colorful autumn leaves! 

Make a garland of fallen leaves.

You can do tons of things with leaves! Look at this decoration, friendly? So, All the explanations for making a garland with fallen leaves on Garland of grace blog.

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