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Make Remote Fun And Convenient For Your Employees With CRM

Those days are long gone when you just need a system to work on. Ever since the global pandemic hit, workplace rules and regulations have been changed drastically. What seems to be the norm has become history, e.g., 9 to 5 working hours have been replaced by flexible timing. Now, you don’t have to be on office premises, since you can complete any task virtually from anywhere. Hold on! The work habit has been changed, but a new information-sharing Like CRM system culture has been introduced that drastically reduced the information hoarding culture.

So, if you are in the middle of deciding what to do or how to proceed with the virtual work shift, then there are many things that one needs to consider while shifting from premises to a partially remote or hybrid remote work model. One of the most essential things that you will need in this endeavor is a secure communication system, along with tools for collaboration and share documents.

And, the best thing is if you are using Zoho CRM already, you can upgrade it or opt for Zoho Workplace CRM. For this, you won’t have to do anything by yourself from scratch because hiring CRM Consulting Firms with expertise in Zoho CRM can ensure a smooth transition.

Here in this article, you will find a short overview of what Zoho Workplace CRM offers that can make your remote work transition smooth. Along with this, you will find an overview of applications that comes with Zoho Workplace CRM.

Features That Zoho Workplace CRM

Unlike other work from home CRM, Zoho has created a suite that is solely designed to ease the task, project, and time management of the team. Its dashboard contained multiple things. First, the calendar that includes every meeting and schedule task details, including the deadlines.

Moreover, to mark attendance, you won’t have to switch between multiple applications to either check-in or check-out. Besides, if you are busy, then you can keep yourself ‘caught-up with work.’ Also, you can customize the dashboard to match your work behavior or get easy access to the content.

Another thing that you need to know is, it offers a wide range of communication channels that include call, chat, meeting, and collaboration.

1. Email

The first and foremost thing that it offers is an integrated ‘email’ feature. This mean, if you communicate and assign task via email then you won’t have to keep track of everything, since it is linked with the calendar, you jobs, meeting and reminder will automatically be added to your dashboard. Moreover, by staying in email, you can add people with whom you are planning to collaborate. Besides, you can chat and call all group members from the email dashboard.

2. File Management

When working remotely, you need to approve and review multiple documents, from business plan approval to marketing content creation. This involves a lot of risks. First, you can’t track which file was the initial and final version and multiple duplicates. In rare cases, when someone leaves the company, you automatically lose access to the files.

Hence to reduce this uncertainty, Zoho Workplace CRM offers file management and mutual storage box for every project. Thus, every file that you create remains with you, no matter where you are. Plus, you can collaborate, comment, and audio files. Simultaneously, you can communicate with the person for any revisions

3. Chat

What do you think is the best way for the team to communicate when they are working remotely? Use WhatsApp or Skype? None! Why because? One of the great hustles that everyone kind of is the switching between applications. And Zoho CRM consultant understands that, therefore, it has taken a step to make communication better. This means you can chat, call, or start a meeting anytime you want, from the email section to document approval or any other step. For this, you just have to vary the schedule of others.

4. Spreadsheet

In addition to simplified chat, you can use Zoho Zia, especially when you are in the middle of analyzing monthly or annual reports and you don’t have time to review thoroughly. With the Zoho Zia AI assistant, you can get the insights from the spread in seconds, along with visual reports.

5. Word Processor & Presentation

Another important thing that you need for successful remote work is flexibility in document creation and presentation. And, with Zoho, you will get a word processor integrated with which you can create documents online and collaborate with other team members to enrich and modify the document. Moreover, to create an engaging and effective presentation, you can use the presentation feature pre-integrated in the Zoho Workplace. Also, you can integrate other third-party applications such as Microsoft to personalize CRM with your needs.

6. Social Intranet

If you analyze your regular day-to-day tasks, you know that you are assigned tasks from emails, sometimes you are given a priority task with chat, etc. And, to connect with team members or clients, you use multiple platforms. What if you can get a centralized system that integrates all communication channels that you frequently use? Will it be great, right? This is the reason why Zoho Workplace is trending.

7. Online Meeting

Unlike board room meetings, the pandemic has shifted everything. Earlier it was difficult. But the introduction of Zoom, Microsoft Meetings, and Google Meets, things become more manageable. In other words, now you can attend almost all meetings, hangouts, and events virtually. This also makes remote work super fun. Wonder how? Well, it connects you with your team members that are on the other side of the globe. Not only that, you can integrate and collaborate too.

Parting Words

Unlike in the past, the workspace culture and norms have been changed. Now you can attend the meeting virtually from anywhere, collaborate with offshore teams, and even take resources onboard from another side of the world. All of these many other benefits you can avail of by shifting from premises to entirely remote. But for this strategy to work, you will need the right tool that requires zero to no training and technological skills.


Meamoona Qadeer is a digital media expert keen to learn and write about digital media, sales, and marketing, technological development, customer engagement, and retention. Along with smart tools, applications, and gadgets for business development.

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