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Computers and Technology

Is Technology Making us Lazy?

Before reading further take a pause and ask yourself one question, how much do technology making lazy? Also, you can make a list of the technologies that are being used in your everyday life. But you may think, what are the benefits of doing this all? So, doing this or simply making a list you can find, the percentage of use of technologies in your life. And from this, you can also check whether the technology is making you lazy or not. Let’s take a simple example if you have bought the best gaming laptop under 60000 and play different games for a full day, without any physical activity or movement. Now, you can guess the result, because you are smart enough. 

Yes, It Possibly Makes Us Lazy 

I am not against using technologies, but there are chances of becoming lazy due to the use of technologies. I am not saying avoid the use of technology, but I am suggesting you limit the use of technologies making or use it up to a certain limit. Using technologies beyond a safe limit results in drastic decay in your productivity, but also has the potential to make us disappointingly lazy. Before becoming dependent upon technologies  remember one thing without a single technologies our ancestors lived a healthy and successful life. For example, if you are unable to connect your beats to your laptop, then without trying you directly go to google and search how to connect beats to laptop? And you get an answer too, without taking much effort. 

Technology Is A Double-Edged Sword 

You can undoubtedly say that technology is both a blessing and a curse. As you can observe, on paper, technology provides us tremendous conveniences and offers us the ability to do things that were not possible before. But, as time passes it can make you lazy, undoubtedly. If you are not aware of dopamine, then I will tell you. In our body, the dopamine chemical is there, which makes you addicted to using something again and again without time boundation. And the same happens with us when we are using technology on a daily basis, and one day it becomes a habit and without technology making, we can not complete any task or work. 

 Technology comes with plenty of benefits but it also comes with several disadvantages such as ruining our productivity, making us insanely lazy at times, and potentially even threatening our long-term health. 

Doing Almost Works By Sitting On Sofa 

When you take your mobile phone in your hand and lay down on the sofa, then you can’t feel how many hours have passed. You can easily lay down on the sofa for even a whole day. Due to this, you skip the physical movement and ultimately face plenty of health issues. When you use any technology like this, then you may suffer from mild depression, stress, sleeping problems, etc. 

Reduces Efficiency Of Mind 

If you are totally dependent on technology, then your mind slowly becomes less active or you can say it may lose its efficiency or activeness. When you use your mind to solve any problem or issue you use your mind in all possible ways, and it makes your mind more active and smart. But, when you become dependent on technology then your mind forgets the work and gradually loses its charm. 


Above I have given you some points that tell you how technology makes us lazy. If you observe, then you can see the technology is both a blessing and cust. Overall, technology has become a large part of everyone’s lives and society. The technology offers plenty of advantages but with several disadvantages such as ruining our productivity, making our mind less active and stressful, making us insanely lazy at times. Undoubtedly, you can say technology is making us individually dumber and individually smarter and collectively smarter. The worst fact about technology is that it has made us able to do more while understanding less what we are doing and ultimately increases our dependence on others. 

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