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How Multichannel Selling Streamlines your eStore for Huge Success?

Multichannel selling is the process to sell products on different channels that’s are why we also know it as an omni-channel.

The seller can list their products on multiple eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. Multichannel management is a mixture of your own website and shopping cart, online and mobile marketplaces.

Furthermore, with multichannel selling customers can compare products on different portals. And then buy them according to their relevance.

In today’s time, every customer has a mobile or Internet so they can search the same product on different websites. Vendor needs to add their product on different website to get more benefits and customer engagement.

There are many multichannel selling platforms that provide the facility to list the product on their website.

Therefore, many eCommerce platforms give the facility to the vendor to create their own web store and sell their products.

Public server hosted eCommerce platform 

It’s like purchasing a prepaid plan to run your eCommerce website. You need to hire a service provider company so they will host your website. They will also manage all technical aspects of the store.

Moreover, all hosting work is on the cloud. Where the company manages the configuration of the server, coding, and security. Publicly hosted website is Shopify and BigCommerce.

Self hosted or private server hosted eCommerce platform 

Anyone can host their server if they have a bit of knowledge about coding, server configuration, and website. Commonly privately hosted websites are Magento and WooCommerce.


The marketplace is a platform where store owners, sellers, and customers collaborate. And built a website to shop for goods and services.

Moreover, the admin will allows multiple sellers to list their product on it and customers can buy it. All eCommerce websites have n number of products from multiple sellers to compare them.

Here, I will explain some multichannel eCommerce platforms:

  1. eBayeBay is also a widely famous multichannel eCommerce marketplace. That is mainly used for electronics, cars, fashion, etc.eBay also works on the multi-vendor marketplace concept. Where multiple sellers can list their products to sell and buy. It integrates with other platforms like Magneto.Magneto 2 eBay Connector is easy to integrate and synchronize. All the products, categories, orders can be exported on eBay to Magneto and vice versa.

    The seller can easily start selling with the help of the Magneto 2 eBay integration.

  2. EtsyEtsy, Inc. is an American eCommerce company. Mainly focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. It is one of the leading multichannel selling platform with selling and integration option.Sellers can list their products and sell them. Magneto 2 Etsy integration provides easy sync with Magento 2 to Etsy store. Product, order, and all transportable data can easily be imported.Etsy connector gives the advantage to your Magento 2 store by listing the Etsy product on it.
  3. AmazonAmazon is the largest and most commonly used marketplace. If a seller lists their product on Amazon then it will directly reach the customer.Its widely used multichannel eCommerce platform. As it’s worldwide so it creates a huge impact on customers.Furthermore, Amazon also provides integration services as it can be integrated with any open-source platform like Magneto, WooCommerce, OpenCart, etc.

    Amazon connector facilitates the user to integrate their web store with Amazon. After the integration process all Amazon products, orders, and stocks can be imported into their web store. All real-time updates will be synchronized with product price and quantity on the Amazon store.

Benefits of Multichannel Selling

  • It provides a wider range of customers which enhance sales.
  • It also builds customers’ trust in the product because that is available in many stores. So they can compare and buy the product.
  • Vendors can earn more from different platforms by listing their products.
  • Seller can reach customers worldwide.
  • Multichannel platforms connect the sellers from many locations. Connect on a single store so they can connect online and start their business.

Why Multichannel has Become Necessity these Days?

In today’s era, people are mostly attract towards online shopping. Every customer search a product by keywords and the browser shows all relevant product and websites.

Customers can check the same product available on more than 5 websites. But there was a difference in pricing so they will choose the lesser one. This will generate benefits for the customers and the seller both.

If any seller wants to sell their product for any specific reason so is beneficial to them to list the product and customers can buy it.

Moreover, the multichannel is necessary these days to boost sales, build customer sellers relationships, advancement of eCommerce.  And encourage small, big, and medium level sellers to list their products on the eCommerce platform.

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