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Indian Special forces that are best in the world

The Indian Defence forces definitely perform the herculean task of safeguarding the peace and security of the nation. They always pour gallantry efforts when it comes to combating terror attacks and internal insurrections. The freedom we rejoice in is an outcome of bloodshed by Indian soldiers in the battlefield. The Indian Special forces hold the largest volunteer force in the world. They have always lended a helping hand to friendly nations for deterring the ghastly hostilities. 

The Indian defence forces consist of three elite forces: The Indian Navy, Indian Army and Indian Air force. These forces guard the country on water bodies, land and air. Indian youngsters are jingoistic and yearn to enter the defence forces for serving their motherland. Individuals who aim to enter the defence forces right after completing their higher studies, can appear for the NDA exam. While studying for the exam, if anyone needs astounding guidance, they can join the Best NDA coaching in Chandigarh.

Here is a list of Indian special forces that are the best in the world: 

Besides defence forces, there are some special forces that take one step ahead in case of jeopardy. There are numerous lionhearts who risk their lives in service and deliver selfless efforts to protect the country. Grateful for the noble special forces we have.


Commando Battalion for Resolute Action(COBRA) is a proficient unit of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF). The aim behind its inception was to overcome Naxalism in India. It is among those Indian Special forces that were solely trained in guerilla warfare. 

It has victoriously eradicated numerous Naxalite groups from India, since its establishment in 2008. COBRA is among the best paramilitary forces that was set up with a grant of Rs 13,000 million.

  • Special Frontier Force

This force has been active since Sino-Indian War of 1962. Special Frontier’s main role is in conducting elite special operations and countering severe insurgencies. It was initially set up to covert operations behind chinese lines in the event of another battle with China. 

India’s intelligence agency RAW operates the Special Frontier force and it directly reports to the Prime Minister through the directorate general of security in the Cabinet Secretariat. 


The Indian Navy raised this force as Marine Commandos (MARCOS) in 1987. It plays significant role in special reconnaissance, direct action, amphibious warfare and battling terrorism. The most stringent training in the world is for MARCOS, they are being tested for mental and physical strength.

Terrorists name them as “Dadiwala fauj”, which means the “bearded army” because of their bearded camouflage in civil areas. These forces are specialized in maritime operations but are efficient in conducting operations in any type of terrain. 

Anyone who wishes to enter the MARCOS, has to join the Indian Naval force. To enter the Naval forces of India, an individual needs to qualify the CDS exam. If anyone needs sterling guidance while preparing for the CDS exam, they can connect with the most prestigious CDS coaching center in Chandigarh.

  • Para Commandos

The Para Commandos are the parachute regiment of the Indian Army. They form the largest segment of the Special forces of India. This force has been active since 1966. It is one of the oldest airborne units in the world. 

Their primary role is to quickly deploy soldiers behind enemy lines to fight back the attacks from behind and demolish their first line of defence. During the Kargil War 1999, the para commandos played a significant role by deploying soldiers. 

  • Ghatak force

Ghatak means ‘killer’ in Hindi, this troop of special forces goes for the kill and vanguard strikes ahead of a battalion. The Ghatak platoon has the most physically fit and uplifted soldiers in the Indian Army. 

These forces are well-equipped, superiorly armed and properly trained to overcome situations like terrorist strike, insurgencies and hostage situations. 

  • National security Guard

This force acts as a frontier when it comes to encountering any terror attack. The NSG offers security to VIPs, regulates anti-sabotage operations and holds the responsibility to neutralise terrorist threats to vital installations.

It has a drop out rate around 80 percent because of its demanding selection process. A total of 7500 NSG personnel splits into the Special Rangers Group (SRG) and the Special Action Group (SAG). 

  • Garud Commando force

The Garud commando force is a special unit of the Indian Air force. Among all other special forces, it has the longest training period. Before a trainee can qualify as a fully operational Garud, the total training duration is approximately three years.

Personnel of the Indian Air force are eligible to enter the Garud Commando force. To enter the Garud Commando force, individuals need to join the Indian Air force by qualifying the AFCAT exam. While studying for the AFCAT exam, if anyone needs proper mentoring, they can link with the esteemable institute that delivers superb Afcat coaching  in chandigarh


 From here, we can deduce that India is having the best defence system that will act as a shield in case of pernicious attacks. This is how the Indian defence has the largest volunteer military force in the world. 

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