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Important Tips You Must Consider For Finding The Right Curtains!

Should the curtains touch the floor, which will fit a small room, and which will make a large room cosy?

Curtains aren’t just comfortable but also hold various purposes. After all, it protects the room from sunlight, dust, night lights, circulation of cold and hot air, plus other factors. Therefore, you need to choose curtains by keeping the necessary requirements and expectations on a priority basis. How?

For rooms with low ceilings, pick curtains made from lightweight fabrics in light shades. Curtains won’t only enhance the overall structure of the work area but also the home. However, hang dark shades in a large room and choose light shade colours for small rooms. Space will immediately become more intimate, more comfortable.

So, what you need to consider for choosing the right curtains!

How to Choose the Right Curtains?

Pay Attention to Colour Choices

Remember that the room should look in the same style and meet the needs of all the inhabitants. Before choosing the colour of the curtains, clarify who likes what. If your family can’t agree, there are universal colour solutions – white, grey, beige. When choosing the colour scheme of the fabric, pay attention to the lighting and the location of the windows to the south, north, west or east side. The intensity of the light will help determine how to match the colour of the curtains to the interior.

Textile Selection

Today, you can find curtains from any material – natural, synthetic, and mixed. Each type of textile has its own advantages and properties. Silk can look different in rooms with different lighting. Due to the fine texture, a lining is required like – cotton, viscose. The need for a lining depends on the density of the fabric. Polyester has worked well, but its lightness doesn’t allow the formation of heavy folds. Plus, mixed fabrics are the best option, aesthetic, durable and comfortable when cleaning.

Pick Between Prints and Solids

For assuring yourself about one thing, it’s recommended that you consider the entire interior decor. If the interior design of your home is of a solid colour, picking the printed day curtain will be an excellent alternative and vice versa. The other thing to keep in mind is to work with printed curtains and pair them with solid-coloured furniture. Make sure the furniture is accessorised with printed cushions and rugs. Adding quirky prints and geometric patterns in your modern style space will allure its overall structure.

Determine The Window Size

Considering the size of the room, decide on the shape of the curtains, colour and pattern. Multi-layered, massive shades, especially dark in colour are suitable for spacious rooms. In a small room, you can hang plain light shade windows coverings, they’ll not eat up space. Curtains with a horizontal contrasting print will expand the room. For rooms with low ceilings, light, light-coloured shades are suitable.

Select the Ideal Length and Width

Installing curtains in the room with an ideal length and width will work in an excellent way. Always remember that featuring your room with floor-length curtains doesn’t only provide a high-ceiling room effect but also offers a seamless and elegant look. If you want to give your home a dramatic look, you should install a specific size curtain, which is lengthier only a few inches. So, it gives a floor-touching look. However, don’t forget to consider the ideal width of the curtains, which will totally depend on the windowpane size.

Take Into Account the Purposes

Decide if the curtains have an additional purpose or they’re just an element of decor in the room. Curtains in the bedroom and living room can hide the room and protect it from sunlight and street lighting. Transparent, light curtains will fit well into the dining room and kitchen, you can consider short ones. The shades in the nursery should be fireproof, easy to clean, and not suppress the psychological state of the child. If you have very young toddlers, it’s safer to hang cropped models.

Add Accessories

Curtain tie backs are excellent accessories for raising and sprucing the look of your room. The market is fully-fledged with a variety of curtain accessories. Each of them adds a unique appearance and features to a room. Pull-backs and valances are a great choice to heighten the delicate appearance of your curtains. If you want a chic and sleek look in your home, you can choose a basic pull-back technique.


Often, it’s the curtains that attract attention in the first place and become the decoration of the entire interior. They’re able to radically change the look and feel of the room. Hence, choosing perfectly matched curtains and blinds in Singapore will always emphasize the creative approach to design and the refined taste of the hostess. Don’t forget the above-mentioned rules while choosing curtains in a room. After all, the main concern is to make yourself feel comfortable and cosy in it.

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