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How to Start a Bakery Business- a Step by Step Guide (2022)

The bakery businesses have become quite popular since the pandemic. As the pandemic gave many people time to invest and polish their skills, many people have come out as successful bakers and have launched their businesses either from home or by investing in a café, etc. But it is not that easy. From laying down the first brick to ordering equipment from bakery equipment suppliers in the UK, it is one long road that needs patience and perseverance for its success. 

If you are someone who feels that you are ready to launch a bakery business, here is a step-by-step guide. 

Knowing What Kind of Bakery You Want To Open

Whether you want to own a retail bakery or a bakery café, you should decide beforehand. A retailer baker is one who directly sells the products to their customers. You display the pre-prepared delicacies in the mirror showcases, and as soon as the customer comes, they pick up their order, pay you and leave. For this business, you need to start with a low count of every dish, say pizza, or brownies, see if they are being sold out, and then start increasing your order. A café bakery would be a bakery with showstoppers in their mirror showcases, but you have a menu of your own from which the customer can pick their choice and prepare them in time. 

There are others. For example, in an online bakery business, you choose a platform, prepare the orders you receive, and issue them the date to come and pick up the order. For beginners, this is the easiest way to start up. 

Getting The Money For Startup 

For any business, money is the most important aspect. You can request someone willing to give you the starting capital or go for taking a business loan from banks. Based on the magnitude of your business, you can choose any of the mentioned options. You can use your credit card loan. The credit card allows you to use a certain amount of money and gives you time to return it within a mentioned period as per the bank’s rules. But this option should be used only if you start with a small business plan. Moreover, for such a business plan, you can also utilize a ‘small business loan’ option. The banks that issue this type of loan often issue a loan at low-interest rates. People who have a limited budget can use this loan. 

Paperwork and The Property You Will Be Leasing

Businesses involve detailed paperwork, and you should welcome it. Read every paper carefully. If you will lease a commercial property, make some important observations. For example, you should know if any nearby shops or cafes are selling the same items that you are selling. Similarly, if that area would help you earn profit exceeding the loan or rent you have to pay. These are important considerations that you should be taking notice of. 

Moreover, the paperwork would involve getting the license and permits for starting up the business, registering yourself with FDA, and signing up certain deals for the property on which you will open your bakery. 

Designing the Layout

Whether it is your blog that you have to design or a place that needs some touch-up before you can launch your bakery business, being consistent and particular will have you seal the deal. You have to make your space inviting so that people love coming for food and the environment both. 

This step is the most fun part, but it also requires some seriousness. You need to be able to project your creativity into a reality. 


Since the bakery businesses have been at their peak, remember that the menu you are introducing has something new. Be it the taste or a completely different item, new is what consumers are looking for. 

Choosing the Right Equipment

You not only need good baking skills and a unique taste of your hands to make your recipes work best. But the equipment that could cater to as many orders as you are willing to take. You need to be well-informed about the bakery equipment suppliers to buy a lot of quality stuff from the same vendor who will also help you save money. However, if you end up handing money to the scammers, you would end up with faulty equipment, and you would not be able to express your culinary creativity.


Once these things are finalized, remember to make your online presence be felt. Post pictures of your best items and caption them nicely. These days, most customers get to know about you online. If your online engagement is great, you will have more and more consumers.

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