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How to Reduce Puffy Face? Gain Confident Look With Face Yoga

The face is the most attractive part of our body it is possible with face yoga. The face expresses our feelings of joy and glooms. It can be very unpleasant if you see the first thing in the mirror as your puffy face. This is a common issue for some people and the resolution they found is to ignore the mirror. However, this is not a permanent solution. You need to do regular exercise and take a good diet for getting healthy skin and body. The good news is that getting rid of a puffy face can be very simple and when you include the best face yoga exercises of face yoga in it. We are here with guidance that will help you in performing the exercises. Let’s take a sneak peek through the article to gather the information.

Factors that cause puffy face

Despite factors such as maximized sodium intake, dehydration, a lack of a fiber-rich diet, one of the main causes of puffiness in the face is a poor-functioning lymphatic system. The problems like facial swelling, dull skin, and uneven complexion can be signs of poor lymphatic drainage. The lymphatic system assists as a method that drains extra fluid and waste from the body. When this system does not work properly, the face retains excess liquid and in turn, results in a puffy look that is hard to reduce.

When the lymphoid system becomes motionless, the face experiences inflammation, premature aging, puffiness, and more that is why keeping your lymphatic system activated dramatically impacts the health and feel your skin.

Best ways to get rid of Puffy face naturally

There are various things that you can do to reduce and prevent the puffy face look. Some of them are making sure that you drink enough water, avoid food with high sodium content and increase your daily fiber intake. Doing face yoga exercises will help you in stimulating your lymphoid system and help de-puffing your face. It can help you in toning and tightening your face and shaping your muscles. All exercises of face yoga will help you in increasing blood circulation and regaining your natural and confident look.

Benefits of face yoga

Face exercises give considerable results. The benefits of face slimming exercises include toning and tightening muscles by giving a youthful and vibrant appearance. It includes efficient treatment against the loss of muscles in the face associated with aging. It enhances the blood flow and oxygenates them. It reduces blemishes and laugh lines. To get the Face Yoga Results, you need to do the efforts by doing some exercises which are as below.

Touch the eyes

Tapping is a simple and quick task to eliminate dark circles and puffy eyes. It will smooth out the swelling around your eyes. You need to place your index and middle finger in the corners near your nose and gently press it for 10 seconds. Start to rub under the eyes a little and be gentle while performing. Start from the inner corner and move it to the outer corner and trace the area in a circular motion from the beginning to the endpoint. Do these exercises 10 times a day. Do the job 10 times. The tape helps to improve local blood circulation; this improves blood flow and brightens dark circles under the eyes.

Press and Extend

Press your lips as if to kiss, push your lips out and smile a lot. This exercise strengthens the cheeks and chin. It will improve the slope of the floor to a fine jaw and blush cheeks.

Cheek to Cheek

Breathe through the mouth. Turn it from one cheek to the other, and release. This movement will strengthen the cheek muscles and lift your cheeks. Do this to stop full cheeks.


Singing ‘O’ is a simple pose, this will relax your facial muscles and calm your mind. Close your eyes and smile, visualize the point between your eyebrows, to concentrate and balance. This will make your face less wrinkled and prevent premature growth.

Pull back to get the smooth skin under the eyes

Place the index finger on your eyebrow and middle finger under your eye. Do this with both eyes. Now, pull your fingers towards the hairline with light pressure on the skin. As you pull your fingers, close the gap between them.

Final words

All of the face yoga results are positive; if a person does the regular exercises he can see the noticeable change within some days. When you move your face in certain ways, you support blood flow, tension release, and fluid drainage. This natural process can help in reducing puffiness from the face. This natural process is very beneficial for skin and gives you younger looks. Apart from exercises, you must be careful about your diet also. To reduce the puffiness you can go drinking hot water, exercise properly, walk more, do dry brushing, and breathe. Hope this information will be helpful for you. Thanks for giving your time and patience.


Face Yoga is the revolutionary new app that’s transforming the lives of women around the globe. Created by women, for women, Face Yoga puts a new spin on an ancient practice, putting a face tightener, toner, and firmer in your pocket. With no expensive equipment needed, and no need to even leave home.

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