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How to make your lawyer website look professional?

Being a lawyer, you always love to fight for justice and help as many individuals as possible. To continue doing the noble cause, you need to make sure that people know your firm exists. One of the best ways to make people aware of your expertise is by creating a professional lawyer website.

Fortunately, building a website is not as difficult if you have the right tools to create it. The best and easiest way to build a professional lawyer website is by using WordPress. It is a very popular and flexible platform that lets you build any type of website. It has a great collection of website themes to choose from. lets you add all kinds of features and functionalities to your site with the help of plugins.

In today’s post, we will show you what you can include in making the lawyer website look professional.

How to begin with your Lawyer’s Website?

Let’s give you a brief about the basics. To create your new lawyer website, the first thing that you need is a domain name and a hosting plan. Later you will need to gather all the key information that you will be updating your website with. 

Your website will be your online firm which the public will be visiting to learn more about you and your services.

Thus make sure to include the right information, both for the public and the search engines that draw them. Your lawyer website needs to have the following pages for a professional appearance:


Whether you run a firm of lawyers or operate solo, you must make sure your website homepage includes the following: 

  • It gives out a clear message of what you are and what you do. 
  • Attract visitors with catchy images
  • Give a brief about your services.
  • Influence visitors to take action.
  • Give visitors a reason to visit and engage with other pages of your website. 
  • Give your visitors a feasible way to contact you.
  • It has a design that is easy to navigate.

Visit your homepage and see if you are satisfied. If you’re not, check if any of the above components are missing and make the necessary changes. 

About Our Firm

This will be an integral page of your website as you can utilize it to show people why they should choose you. Don’t forget that law can be a terrific profession for people to deal with generally.

When they visit your Our Firm page, they are searching for reasons to trust your firm. They want to feel sure enough before they can take things further. 

Thus lay complete focus on your firm’s story. Like how you have been into the legal business for years. Or what is your approach to meet the needs of your customers?

Lawyer Biographies

This is especially important if you don’t run the firm solo but with a group of other lawyers. Your visitors would want to know who will be handling their case. This will help to prove the professionalism and expertise of the lawyers at your firm. Including biographies of all the lawyers working for your firm is a great way to build trust and credibility.

Practice Area Page

This page will help you in providing more specific details about the services your firm offers. Include what areas of legal practice you or the lawyers at your firm are proficient in. Include all the necessary information that helps address the questions that are important to your visitors in a specific area.

Contact Us Page

Well, you should include your contact details on all the pages of your website. However, make sure you create a dedicated Contact Us page that includes all the necessary information.

Also, include the same contact details across social media, GMB, and other directories. This will ensure that you don’t lose visitors because of incorrect/no contact information. 

FAQs Page

We are well aware of the questions people have when it comes to legal matters. What may seem simple to you may look extremely complicated to your customers. Thus it would help if you simplified things for them to give them a valuable experience. 

Focus on giving them clarity. Include answers to frequently asked questions about different practice areas. Give an explanation in a way that people with little to no experience can understand easily.

Get started with creating a professional Lawyer Website

Building a website for your law firm is really important. It helps to share your expertise, increase visibility and get more clients. The things discussed in this post will help you in making a professional lawyer website for your firm. Make sure you use WordPress to build your legal website as it has got some great themes collection. Find one that gives a perfect design to your website.

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