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How to make a sign of peace step by step

How to Draw a Pace Sign Easy with this video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw for beginners and everyone. Also, read cute animal drawings

Step 1

As we mentioned in the introduction, hand drawing can be the most frustrating and difficult, as getting the fingers right can be challenging. To make things easier in this piece sign tutorial, we will divide it into step by step and simple shapes and lines. The main focus of this first step will be on the middle and index fingers, which are spread as a sign of peace. You can start with some long, curved lines that intersect to draw them. As you can see in the reference picture, these two fingers will be the same length. The right side of the hand will be fairly straight, while the left side will have two protrusions for the tips of the next two fingers.

Step 2: Pull the wrist.

You’ve made some sketches of your fingers, so now you can focus on the side of the palm and the wrist. First, use a slightly curved line that you drew in the previous step. This will form the left side of the palm. The wrist can then be stretched with some lines that go down to the palm, cut horizontally to cut it, and finally vertically towards the hand. According to your taste, it can also be cut by hand on the wrist. You can skip this line or change it to a curve.

Step 3: Now, we will thumb through your peace mark.

You are making great progress on making a peace mark in this tutorial! We’ll show you how you can put your thumb on your hand. You will use a lot of curves for this element, and the first part will go to the right side of the space you left between the index finger and the wrist. It will then spread further into the hand, where it will rotate inside to form the tip of the thumb. We can continue to create fingerprint designs in the next few steps.

Step 4: Pull some more fingers on the hand.

We will temporarily drop your peace thumb and return to focus on the other fingers. You can use more curved lines that you have drawn before extending from the knuckle bumps to the bottom. The right finger will be below the thumb, as you can see in the reference picture. We haven’t painted nails on most of the fingers yet, but because of the angles of these fingers, you will probably be able to paint some nails on them. Finally, add a few lines on the palm of your hand to get some more detail.

Step 5: You can add some final details to your peace sign.

Before you move on to painting your picture, we have some more details on how to draw a peace sign to be included in this part of the tutorial. Important details that you should include are on the fingers to indicate the position of the joints. You can add two lines to your index and middle fingers to do this. Then draw another line at the point where these two fingers meet. You can then finish this step by adding two more thin lines on the flexed fingers and wrist. Before continuing, be sure to add any more fun details! Maybe you can paint on some jewelry or get creative by decorating your hands with patterns from the 60s and ’60s How do you personalize your peace sign drawing?

Step 6: Finish your peace sign drawing with some color.

Now that you’ve finished drawing your peace sign, it’s time to color it! You have many options to consider when doing this, so be sure to let your creativity flow! You can choose some more realistic skin tones if you like, using your hands as a reference color! You can also use your favorite bright colors to create a more psychedelic look. Once you know what colors you want to use, you can still choose the fun art medium! Whether you use some bright acrylics and crayons or create more subtle shapes with watercolors, we know your photos will look amazing!

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