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How to hold a Successful Moving Sale

Do you know , how to hold a successful moving sale? There’s no time like the present to clean house and turn your unused belongings into a money-making opportunity if you’re looking to make some extra cash or get rid of all that clutter in your garage! However, going through all of your possessions and determining what to do next can be a daunting task. That’s why we’re going to tell you how to organize, price, and advertise your items on the day of the big garage sale.

How to Organize Your Yard Sale:

  1. Clear out what’s not essential for you.

Look in your garage, basement, attic, closets, cabinets, and under all the beds for something useful. A simple rule of thumb is: it definitely needs to go if you don’t use it or wear it frequently (or you have forgotten that it ever existed).

  1. Sort and arrange your items.

Organizing a garage sale can be a challenging job, so do the heavy lifting ahead of time. When all those tennis rackets, clothing, and old board games are discovered, sort them into three simple categories: Hold, Sell, and Trash.

Right now, don’t think about pricing anything; instead, concentrate on sorting and getting organized. Your main purpose is to get rid of the clutter and find a new home for the items that you will hold. Take out all of the things you sorted to sell after you’ve made your stacks.

  1. Consider holding a yard sale in your neighbourhood.

If you don’t like the idea of people coming by your front yard (or if you want to share the work), team up with another family on your block or contact your neighbourhood group to see if a community sale is planned.

  1. For your yard sale, set a date.

The best time to have your yard sale is typically Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. Try hosting the yard sale on the first weekend of the month—many people’s paychecks come out towards the end of the month, so they’ll have money to spend. And before you hang up signs around the neighbourhood, don’t forget to check the forecast. Days of rain hold the buyers away!

  1. Get everything you may need for supplies.

You can purchase basic pricing stickers and blank labels at the dollar store or any office supplies store. Or, just pick up a permanent marker and masking tape and get to pricing your things if you want to be very budget-friendly.

Grab a table and chairs to provide a dedicated place to cash out people (and stay comfortable). And you’re going to need some room for all the one-of-a-kind items you sell to show off. You can use blankets, boxes, storage containers, or even a board to cover two sturdy boxes. Whatever you do, ensure that breakable products on a stable surface are supported.

How to Price Garage Sale Items:

  1. Name a price for your items.

Here’s the key to pricing garage sales and one of the top tips for garage sales to remember:

Don’t overprice your items because they have sentimental value.

Ask a friend to come over and tell you what they would pay for the item if they were in your shoes.

In order to check the current value, do a quick search online.

Keep things in perspective by pricing them at a quarter or third of what they would cost new.

  1. Make visible prices.

Use price tags or stickers to make sure your prices are visible. If you don’t have time, group similar-priced items together and display a sign that breaks down the price.

Alternatively, use coloured stickers and display a chart listing the prices for each colour. Bigger items require larger price tags. Make it large, visible, and appealing to the buyer.

  1. Items in bundles.

At $1 a pop, it’s easy to pass up DVDs. If you offer four for $5, however, you’re sure to get someone’s attention. Look for ways to strike a deal. Allow customers to fill up a bag with items for a $5 or $10 flat rate if it’s the end of the day and you really need to move your items.

  1. Don’t raise your prices in the hopes of a bargain.

Your items should be priced to sell. Set a low starting price and expect your customers to haggle with you. Many potential customers will walk away from high prices and never bother to negotiate, and you’ve just lost a sale.

How to Promote Your Garage Sale:

Don’t overthink the marketing of your garage sale too much. After all, it’s a garage sale. But go to the dollar store and get some signs and balloons, and draw big arrows to show people how to get to your house.

Be sure that the path is so easy; a first-grader could find it! Go for it if you want to advertise in the local paper, church bulletin, or Facebook group in the neighbourhood.

But keep it straightforward and don’t stress about it. People will come if you build it.

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