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How to Do Micro Braids

Micro braids are tiny, sensitive braids that are tightly woven into hair, and normally ultimate for numerous months. The braids are maximum typically visible on African American women, however, may be carried out on almost any hairstyle.

Before Getting Micro Braids

The choice to get micro braids is one that needs to now no longer be taken lightly. Many human beings get those sorts of braids due to the fact they require little each day maintenance. However, those who get their hair micro braided need to be organized to put on this coiffure for an extended time; the technique of having the braids installed usually takes numerous hours, and getting the braids eliminated can take simply as lengthy. Very small braids also can be very destructive to hair and may reason sizable breakage. Women with dry, brittle hair need to be specifically careful while getting those braids executed as they also can reason hair loss, mainly while they’re eliminated. Before getting the braids executed, it’s miles crucial to discover an expert hair hairstylist that specializes withinside the style. For more pieces of information must visit

Micro Braids

If you’ve got African American hair, you’ll additionally need to discover a person who makes a specialty of black hair. Prior to creating an appointment, agenda a session with the stylist. At this time your stylist can assess your hair, ensure it’s miles in the right circumstance for braiding, and could let you know how lengthy the braids need to take. Expect braiding to take numerous hours at a minimum.

Micro Braids

Prepare the Hair

Prior to getting braids, it is critical that the hair is as wholesome as feasible in order that it has the least danger of turning into damaged. Either carry out a warm oil remedy at home or have an expert hairstylist do one in order that the hair is as complete of moisture as feasible. Make certain to apply a deep conditioner several instances previous to braiding. Get a haircut prior to getting the braids. The haircut may be as easy as reducing off all of the ends in order that none of them are broken up earlier than the braids are added.


How to Micro Braid the Hair

Although micro braiding hair takes an extended time, the manner itself within reason is easy. The one problem that incorporates micro braiding is that the braids themselves are so tiny that braiding a whole head of hair can take an extended time.

1. Section the hair with a comb, leaving 1/four of hair down on the nape of the neck. Secure the relaxation of the hair with a clip.

2. Take a tiny phase of hair, approximately 1/eight of an inch in thickness, and start braiding the hair. Separate the hair and pass the strands leftover middle and proper over the middle. Pull the braids tightly, however now no longer so tight that they harm your scalp.

3. Continue braiding the hair all of the manners down. Secure the ends with a braid sealer or tie off with a slipknot. Repeat till all the hair at the nape of the neck is braided. four. Once this phase of hair is complete, phase off a brand new part of the hair, comparable in width in your first element, and start doing extra character braids.

Micro Braids

Caring for the Braids

Caring for the Braids A few critical matters to take into account approximately worrying for this hair fashion include:

  • Wash your micro braids as wanted with a mild shampoo. Carefully rub down into the scalp and braids. Don’t rub too vigorously or the braids can come undone.
  • For each day moisturizing, follow a mild depart in conditioner to the hair. This will maintain braids searching vibrant and healthful, whilst maintaining the hair and scalp nourished and moisturized. If your scalp is exposed, search for a depart-in conditioner with SPF in it to shield the scalp from burning.
  • Add more moisture to the hair whilst it is in Micro braid through the usage of mild hair oil. By no manner need the hair oil to drench the hair, however sufficient needs to be used in order that the hair does now no longer experience dry and brittle to the touch.
  • Don’t ever get dehydrated. Not consuming sufficient water on an each-day foundation has an impact on the hair. So, whilst sporting micro braids, make certain to drink a healthful quantity of water each day.

Considering the Style

Getting micro braids is a massive choice for any person. If you’re inclined to preserve up with the easy each daycare of your micro braids, you can simply locate that those braids are the best low protection fashion on your lifestyle.

Micro Braids

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