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How to choose the perfect jacket for you

A leather jacket is the staple piece of clothing that goes with almost everything. The best thing about this attire is, it is pretty gender-less and not restricted to one thing only. When you buy a high quality and original leather jacket, we consider it as a one-time investment. You spend money once and the jacket goes a long way with you. Since they are slightly expensive, one can say it takes a toll on the customer’s pocket. These jackets are classic, timeless and have a long life which serves many functions.

While there are hundreds of other options available out there, it often becomes pretty confusing. The more variety you have, the more confusing it gets. However, there is no denying to the fact that a leather bomber jacket adds an unmatchable cool impact to anyone’s overall look. Here is a catch though, in order for it to last longer, it is important you take care of it religiously. There are various kinds of jackets out there, and when we are spending a fortune over them, we have to make sure we are not investing in the wrong jacket. How would you feel if by the end of your shopping day you are told you have got a fake leather bomber jacket? You will not like it, right? Well, that is why we are here to help you out!

1. Leather Quality

The quality of your leather can make or break your overall jacket, the poor-quality leather often results in giving a shabby look to your outfit and the shreds on it make your outfit look worse. For a normal person it is impossible for them to judge the leather quality. When we discuss leather quality, its skin has a huge role to play, where are you deriving the skin from? Is it a cow skin you are using? Or sheep? Goat’s or calf skins are pretty useful. The prices vary for each kind of skin, if you wish to go more exotic and luxurious you can add Pig, Deer, Kangaroo and Crocodile as well. 

2. Panels and Joints

You may not know it yet, but the jackets that are made with the lesser panels and do not have much joints in it are quite heavy on the pocket and obviously their quality is quite top notch too. However, there are various exceptions as well, the main reason why these jackets are expensive is because they have various detailing, embellishments or embroidery involved in it. All these factors have a huge impact on the production cost which eventually translates into a higher or lower jacket price. 

3. Inner Linings

The inner lining is mainly an extra fabric layer in the jacket that adds quite a lot of weight to the overall look. You can firmly tug the jacket down right on your shoulders and make a pretty smooth fall throughout your jacket. It further helps in absorbing sweat, is pretty warm and soft, resulting in comfortable wearing as well.

One of the many things that the general public is not really aware of is that they have the option of choosing the fabric. It is entirely up to you what you want, whether make it quilted, go for the plain ones or entirely remove the inner lining. Particularly when you are getting some custom-made jackets from known brands like the Real Leather Garment, you are in for the premium quality products.

4. Other accessories

Your leather jacket is not all about the leather quality and its other aspects, there is a lot more that goes to a leather jacket than the leather itself. The embellishments, hardware and other kinds of accessories are the main aspects of the leather jacket that normal and regular people do not pay much attention to. Apart from the fabric quality, one thing that you must ensure is the quality of hardware and other accessories. 

The motifs, eyelets, patches and the studs that are used in the jackets have a lot of input on the way the jacket looks. Apart from these things, zippers, metallic elements, buttons are the other functional aspects that are used for the jacket closure. 

When we talk about zippers, there is no zipper better than the RiRi and YKK zippers, they are good quality zippers that ensure your overall jacket does not only look good but has a long lasting impact too.

5. Styles of Leather Jacket

While you are going for the leather jacket, there are various ways and styles that the customer has the option to choose from. There is a bomber jacket, biker jacket, racer jackets and the flight jackets are one of the most popular forms that are quite famous in the current fashion trends. Other new and innovative jacket styles include trench coats, blazers, seasonal jackets and vests, they include shearling and windbreakers.

When we talk about the leather jackets, one should see they are a perfect fusion of the both kinds of styles, classics and modern, commonly termed as hybrids.


Nicole Botello, I have been working in the field of web design since 2005. I am currently working as an independent designer.

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