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How to Buy Amazon Liquidation on B-Stock

If it’s a last-minute birthday outfit for a party or a dog toy, you’ll get the item on Amazon. However, if you’re prone to buyer’s regret (those 1-click purchases are guaranteed to you!) and the option of purchasing several sizes of an item, there’s a great chance that you’ll end up returning things for the refund to amazon that you don’t like or simply because they did not work.

If you’re the world’s biggest eCommerce platform there are plenty of returns. If you’re reading this, you are probably aware of the growing resales business and opportunities for customer returns. What can you do to gain access to one of the most sought-after brands liquidation? In-B-Stock, of course!

What is Amazon liquidation?

When you’re an organization that has as many options as Amazon liquidation products, they can mean any item. If it’s landscaping equipment, home decor clothing, toys, and consumer electronics — they can provide all of that and more. To find more information about the importance of branding, you should try Zonbase Product Validator for Amazon sales web-based cloud software, so you don’t need to install a program on your computer. And it also has a Chrome Extension tool that makes it easier for you to research products on Amazon. The beauty of this setup is that all the tools you will ever need as a seller are located in one place.

How to Start Buying Amazon Liquidation on B-Stock

Amazon’s return policy

Perhaps one of the world’s most customer-centric return policies you’re probably already aware of is if one has more than 200 million Amazon Prime members. Its Amazon return policy says, “Amazon.com and most sellers on Amazon.com offer returns for items within 30 days of receipt of shipment.”

Customers can choose from a variety of options in their reasons for returning, and the option of dropping off at more than 500 Whole Foods locations! You can get access to Amazon Returns and Liquidation services when you sign-up for Amazon Liquidation Auctions.

Get your resale certificate

To begin purchasing liquidation inventory, it is necessary to require registration for your company. Once you’ve got the correct documentation and your finances are in order, you’ll be able to apply for a certificate of resale.

The reason you need a resale certificate is to permit you to buy products through your company without having to pay taxes on sales in the local area at the moment of purchase.

Start browsing auctions

Once you’re logged in to the auctions, you can begin browsing Amazon auctions. You can choose to browse an unfiltered listing of auctions in general, or you can choose to jump into a specific area.

If shoes are more your hobby, and you’re planning to sell your shoes look into some footwear auctions. If you’re looking for variety, search for mixed lots and other such.

Always be sure to read the entire auction page. The auction page will provide you with everything you require to be aware of about the auction, including the location from which it will be shipping the location, which inventory category will be liquidated, and much more.

The most important thing is that you can access the manifest, which contains crucial information about the line item, including the amount, UPC, and estimated MSRP.


The categories of inventory comprise mixed lots of household items, clothing and footwear media and consumer electronics, grocery items, and other categories. 

You may start with a category you are familiar with or opt for an assortment of mixed lots.

Mixed lots refer to overstock and returns across all categories could be put together on a single pallet, which means you could get a mix of items.

Shipment type

Because Amazon offers auctions of lots of different sizes, you’ll be hard-pressed to discover a lot that is suitable for your specific business requirements.

You can purchase liquidated Amazon products in bulk. It could range between one and 2 pallets. You can also buy 10-12 pallets in the form of an LTL (less than a truckload).

There are a few things to consider when it comes to shipping:

  • Orders less than 150 pounds at the time of shipping can be divided into multiple parcels instead of being delivered LTL.
  • Certain LTL deliveries could also be divided into several shipments.
  • Some orders might be fulfilled through multiple deliveries.

Tips for reselling Amazon returns

It’s easy to lose yourself in the ocean of resellers on the internet. After the process of securing your Amazon liquidation, you’d like to begin seeing the profits roll in, don’t you? You’ll want to sell effectively, and that means starting with these tips:

Keep product category in mind

Garden and home don’t offer identical appliances, in the same way as clothing can differ in health and beauty. 

For instance, some categories require physical spaces such as appliances. 

Establish your return policy

It could seem unorthodox to establish the policy of return for a resale company that sells returns from other retailers However, there are several excellent reasons to have it.

First, your customers will be more confident in you.

If there’s a problem, for instance, the smartwatch isn’t charging or you’ve forgotten to mention a tiny tear in a blouse, the customer will be aware that there’s a way to fix the issue.

It’s normal to make mistakes! However, if you leave your clients with a lasting impression, they’ll have a greater likelihood of visiting again.

Be crystal clear about what you’re selling

If the item isn’t in new condition, don’t market it as something else. It is important to ensure your customers know exactly what they’re purchasing just the same way you do.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight the best features, such as wireless charging and waterproofing, the newest version, etc.

The buyer should be able to discover the most crucial information by examining the title of your listing. This leads us to our next topic…

Sell smart & optimize your listing

If you don’t wish to be lost in the crowd it is recommended to spend the time you need to create your product descriptions.

Hire someone to help you create your listing. Consider ways to promote your listing.

In addition to a beautiful photo and a strong website, you might want to consider increasing your profile by promoting it on Facebook Marketplace, optimizing your description and title for keywords that can be searched, and many more.

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