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How to Adapt To Same Content On Different Social Media Platforms?

Uploading the same content on different social media platforms is a simple way to save time. You just take one piece of article and start copy-pasting on your different social channels instantly.

It seems easy and legit, but this practice can cause you trouble, and make your accounts on different social media platforms repetitive and boring.

So today I will guide you on how you can use the same content on social media in the correct way and maximize your points and save time in that process.

Let’s begin now.

Making More Effective Your Social Media Platforms:

Adapting to the same content on social media platforms can be a great deal for brands and businesses like seeds importers listed on a leading Chinese B2B platform whom:

  1. Have a small amount of money to invest and cannot invest further in more new strategies.
  2. Small business owners who are handling social media platforms by themselves and have no other helping hand. And cannot give appropriate time to social media.
  3. Due to budgeting issues, they don’t have the elements to create more articles.
  4. Who cannot afford further employees just to handle social media accounts?

1.   Pick Your Platforms:

First, you have to pick the platforms or channels on which you are going to upload your content. For example Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, etc.

2.   Understanding the language of different social media platforms:

Before you start adopting the same content on each platform, you first need to understand the language of how every social media network works, its tools and filters.

Memorize all the social media platforms functions you have available to use. You need to understand this in order to carry out tasks on how to optimize each post for every platform or how you can make individual posts work on each channel.

3.   Insert old pictures in the background:

All social media platforms are becoming more visual. If you love photos, you can upload your photos again. Apply some filters and add some quotes or more like inspirational quotes to make a visual quote.

Today’s generation mostly likes quotes. It’s something they can relate to their everyday life, and you know they will share it. Use your images on blogs or articles to fit quotes and crop them in some interesting way so that your message can be easily understood what you are trying to convey.

4.   Shape Your Post In a long Paragraph:

Most articles have a certain target market like worldwide trade leads, cover every detail from writing to big images. You can take several blogs of yours that are related to one topic only and make a long post on it.

You know the most popular search engine that is Google has long posted articles that tend to be prioritized. You will not just get the same content for posting it on social networks. You will also get a chance to improve your ranking in Google search as well.

The sole reason for making your post in a long paragraph or storytelling in a way that it will look like a new post, and will be different from your actual post. And this can only be done through colourful animations, the way you present, and the choice of words.

Plus, if you make your content more highlighted which gets the attention of your readers. They will more likely want to share the post and will let others know about your story in the article.

5.   Turn your article into the video:

Pick any one topic from your collection, that shows the interest of a majority of people or pick one from the trending post and turn that post into a video whether it could be a podcast, vlog or any animated video.

In that video set up a discussion with your friends and family or other professionals who are experts in that topic, u have chosen so that you can cover more information on XYZ topic. It will be like the second part of an article. Which can be more persuading than just a write-up?

And accept the fact people nowadays dislike reading after a hectic day and when they are tired they want to be more visual rather than concentrating on the reading in their everyday life.

6.   Use Information From Different Networks:

You know your topic or target market pretty well, and most certainly you have more information on that topic which is currently in discussion widely on different social media for example on Facebook, Quora, Pinterest or YouTube, etc. You can search for valid questions which are related to your topic and provide answers with useful links to your topic and to help you in solving those queries.

It’s A Wrap!

Now you know the real game behind taking inspiration from different channels and writing down your own ideas to attract the target audience? Just follow these steps and create the best content for your preferred social media platform.

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