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Best Social Media Feed App For Shopify

The inception of social media brought along with it a wave of changes that transformed the way brands market their products and services. 

Amongst all the other trends, the strategy of incorporating social media feeds into websites exploded the popularity. And has become a much sought-after marketing strategy for brands. 

As much as it may sound like a challenging and technical task, that is not quite the case. Using a social feed Shopify app, it can be done easily in a few easy steps. 

Shopify is a highly used e-Commerce platform and has become quite popular amongst e-Commerce businesses due to the features it offers. 

Shopify enables its users to create a Shopify store to sell their products online. The platform lets the users enhance the look of the store by choosing from a variety of customization features like layouts, templates, etc. 

Shopify also offers a payment processing option to the users. This platform has made a place for itself due to its integrations and affordable pricing options. 

The platform users can select the best bet as per their needs and requirements. All the plan options can easily be afforded by the users. 

Additionally, integrating social media feeds on the Shopify platform offers various incredible benefits that can take your brand’s marketing game to the next level. 

Continue reading the blog till the end as we have mentioned a few Shopify social media apps using which you can easily collect, curate, and integrate social media feeds on your Shopify store. 

  1. Instagram Feed + Tik Tok Videos By Tagembed 

First on the list is the Instagram feed + Tik Tok videos by Tagembed. This social media app lets the users collect content from over 15+ social media platforms. 

This plugin offers a multitude of useful features that can make the widget more impactful and attractive. The platform offers various customization options for the users to make it more attractive. There are a variety of templates, layouts, fonts, colors, and other branding options that can be utilized to enhance the look of the widget. 

This plugin offers an advanced moderation panel that allows users to monitor the content before publishing it on the website. Users can modify the content using the profanity filter to remove any unwanted or objectionable content that may hamper or tarnish the image of the brand. 

The platform offers detailed analytics for the users to have a look at the performance of the widget. 

Users would be able to track the total impressions like the number of clicks and other additional crucial numbers that would help them to get an insight into how the widget is performing on the Shopify store. 

The platform also offers a robust and solid back support team to the users who assist the users anytime they come across a technical issue or encounter some other hindrance while using the platform. 

Lastly, you do not have to worry about manually uploading the content every time as the plugin offers instant updates and does so automatically. All you have to do is install it right away and you will be surprised by the amazing results this platform delivers! 

  1. Social Media Stream By Smartfox

Another amazing app is the Social media steam by Smartfox. Right after its installation, the users can collect content from all the major social media platforms. You can display all kinds of content be it pictures, text, videos, etc. 

The plugin is compatible with all kinds of devices like mobile phones, PC, tablets, etc.  

  1. Social Media Marketing By Around.io

Social media marketing is an assisting app for brands that lets the users plan and schedule their posts for the day or the entire week in a few clicks. 

The plugin automatically uploads the posts as scheduled. The process is automated and lets the users schedule and the rest is done by the app itself. To further increase the engagement with your guests and customers, you can add a few fun elements like funny gifs, to garner more attention. 

  1. Social Media Tabs By Landslide 

This unique plugin allows you to display social media tabs on their Shopify store. With a few customization options like colors, borders, etc., the users can change the look of the tabs as per their convenience and display it on their Shopify website. 

You can easily integrate the tabs in a few easy clicks. The app also offers good customer service to the users if they come across any issue while using the app. 

  1. Social Boost By Apps Mav

If you are looking for an app to enhance your audience’s engagement and to garner more attention from them, then social boost by apps mav is the perfect app for you. 

This plugin is perfect for running giveaways, contests, referrals, and for post purchases. 

The campaigns can further be displayed on your Shopify store to display the engagement received by the brand from your audience. This would result in an increase in the stay time of your website visitors and urge them to participate. 

  1. Flow-Flow Social Feed App By Looks Awesome 

This is a premium plugin to aggregate, curate, and embed stunning widgets on your Shopify website. This plugin is extremely responsive and adjusts well with all types of screens. 

Moreover, this app offers various features like customization options, an advanced moderation panel, etc. 

  1. Social Card By Webplanex Infotech Pvt. Ltd. 

Quite different from the other plugins mentioned above, this app allows you to create social cards. Social cards can be extremely engaging for your Shopify store. 

You can connect the app with various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

The app allows users to have a preview of the cards before publishing them. Moreover, it also offers users the option to analyze the performance post publishing with advanced analytics. 

Closing Note 

Social media feed apps have come a long way and play a major role in helping brands and businesses increase the engagement of their website visitors. That increases their dwell time, and gradually increasing the revenues and sales of the brand.

Now that you know it all, get going, select the best fit and display social media feeds on your Shopify store right away!  


Emilio Scott is a digital growth marketer & Shopify developer with 6 yrs of marketing experience. In her role, she creates strategies that help businesses to upgrade their website with instagram feed Shopify app. Being a Shopify developer Emilio loves to create new and easy-to-use Facebook & Twitter widget for Shopify websites.

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