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How Betting on IPL Cricket is Different to Betting on International Cricket Matches?

Betting is an activity that people across the globe take part in. And people engage in betting on variety of events and things, most commonly on sports. Whether it is football, tennis and more, people being in betting to earn good is happening all around. Not only on physical sports, but there are online games and as such where you can also bet.

Like any other place globally, India is a nation where cricket sport is considered a religion. It is no doubt that there are many who are willing to bet on cricket. And with the presence and existence of best trusted betting sites in India and apps, you can easily bet on cricket matches in a legal and safe way.

However, betting on cricket isn’t as simple as it may seem. You should take to cricket betting only when:

  • Have a passion and keen interest in cricket
  • Aware of cricket rules and as such
  • Keep up to date with what is happening around the cricketing world
  • You are knowledgeable about the cricket match factors like pitch condition, weather, toss factor and more
  • Know how to create strategies to win big betting on cricket

IPL Betting vs. International Cricket Match Betting

Like any other sport, there are different kinds of cricket and events that take place. There is international cricket rivalry, played between teams on a bilateral basis or like world cups and such teams where many teams take part. There are different formats in cricket including 5-day test cricket, 50-over one-day match, and recently popular 20-over T20 cricket.

Apart from the format, you should know that that there is international cricket being played globally and there is local-level and domestic level cricket too, in different formats and ways.

Out of all the domestic cricket tournaments world-wide, Indian premier League (IPL) has become a hugely popular T20 domestic league where franchise owners gather their team including Indian national, International, and also players from other countries as well. The gamut of world stars and exciting talents, a highly competitive tournament, and the increasing fan following has made IPL a big platform for the punters to put their money on bets and try and win big.

While betting on IPL is hugely popular and at present when IPL is taking place in India, the IPL betting is all the rage amongst online punters, you must know that this is a bit different to international cricket match betting:

  • The Teams Combination is Way Different

There are Indian international players, local players, and global international and other players too who might not have played international cricket before. So, it becomes important that you research well about all the players so as to know who is performing how. As a matter of fact you should remember that only four internationals could feature in a single match for a team, therefore it becomes important that you keep an eye on the updates so as to know and assess what will be the team composition.

  • Understand the Weather and Pitch Condition

While the international cricket matches take place all round the year, and could be happening in any country or ground between any of the teams, IPL usually takes place in the months of April and May in India and across the major grounds. Dew is a big factor that could come into play and therefore toss becomes critical for IPL matches. Therefore it is important that you factor in these conditions before betting on IPL matches.

  • Past Trends Do Come Into Play

For the last many seasons, Mumbai Indians (MI) have not won started its campaign by winning the first match of their season. Chennai Super Kings, and also MI are a few teams that usually pick pace through the 2nd phase of the tournament. Some of the players have earned high repute with their performance in IPL than with their national side. These are some of the trends that do come into play related to IPL. However, these are just trends and speculations and should not be your base foundation for betting.

  • The Format is Long and Prepare Your Strategies Accordingly – With New Format for IPL 2022

Each year the number of matches taking place is more than fifty. And with IPL 2022 having two more teams, now total ten, you can expect the tournament to be more competitive. The format is also a bit different, which you should be aware of. Taking these considerations make sure to plan your strategies.

While there are certain facets that you must keep in mind when it comes to IPL betting, there are several things cricket that are base for you and you must have full knowledge of that. For betting on IPL, ensure to pick the best cricket betting apps in India that provide dedicated IPL betting with all the info and resources related to the tournament right there on the platform.


Gugobet is one of the most trusted betting sites in India and the best betting app in India for cricket and other sports too. Play now.

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