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How are companies capitalizing on marketing analytics to drive superior growth

In the age of information, businesses are only as optimized as their ability to capture and process large scale data. Big data management has been a front runner with larger organizations looking to understand demand at a micro-level. For businesses looking for a bird’s eye view of their industry landscape turning to marketing analytics. A more concentrated version of big data management may prove more fruitful. 


If businesses are able to understand how their market works or what the fluctuating factors to be considered are. They can translate this information into better planning and stronger business strategy. While this process may seem intimidating to conduct internally, there are a growing number of marketing analytics services providers. This could prove to be an extremely lucrative investment, especially at a time where the global pandemic has changed both market and consumer landscapes alike.  


Understanding the new normal is imperative for ensuring that a business is able to swim along during a time of uncertainty.  


What is Marketing Analytics?  


Marketing Analytics generically comprises  a systemic understanding of business health. This is assessed through data generated from sales, product lines, team activities and previously employed tactics. However, over the years, the definition and scope of marketing analytics have changed. With the copious amounts of consumer information circulating digitally, marketing analytics has grown to incorporate all relevant information of a business, including purchase history, contact information and data surrounding a customer’s profile. 


Businesses that consider marketing analytics are quick to introduce efficiency and effectiveness within their organizations to meet customer expectations before concerns arise. Additionally, it allows businesses to map trends and take preemptive measures to ensure demand stays relatively constant, and output is in line with customer needs.  


How Businesses can Capitalize on Marketing Analytics 


Big data management is a practice gaining momentum across all industries. Being able to understand customer information and relevant adjacent data has offered organizations an opportunity to deep dive into what is fueling demand and how to ensure products/services provided are on par with both customer and industry expectations.  


Informed Decision Making 


A critical component to successfully running a business is to ensure decisions are made accounting for all the necessary information. Marketing Analytics offer insights into consumer behaviour and industry trends at any scale the business is able to process. Oftentimes, this activity is outsourced due to the sheer volume of information that must be collected and understood for a more comprehensive understanding of a market situation.  


This compiled information offers a real-time understanding. This helps businesses make better decisions, as accurate information is provided. When accounting for more than just sales figures or marketing activities, businesses are able to understand operations at a granular level. This helps them make both small and large scale decisions with a thorough comprehension of affecting factors.  


Quick Identification of Breakdowns 


While some customers are quick to offer feedback, a large number of consumers accept faulty products, services or processes and do not return to the vendor. This information is integral to streamlining internal operations and often hard to find. However, with market analytics, businesses are able to detect micro-movements within eCommerce pages and understand the platforms within the industry experiencing consistently successful transactions. This information can help businesses understand where issues within their storefront or complementary activities lie. Additionally, businesses are able to assess where competitors are doing better and decide whether to implement the same or similar elements into their business and strategy. 


Market analytics can quickly tell businesses where their sales processes are breaking down. And offer alternative activities to implement with a higher success rate.  


Understanding Where Resources Should Be Channeled  


The flip side of understanding where businesses could be experiencing breakdowns is also understanding where success is generated. For example, if there are certain marketing activities on a selection of social media sites being conducted, understanding what platform is the most effective can help businesses redirect their resources towards that one income and interest generating platform and activity.  


With successful products, in particular, understanding why customers do not choose a competitor can be useful information with future product development. Businesses harnessing this information are able to grow sustainably because their activities revolve around taking a practical approach to sales and activities. Additionally, using market analytics data to fuel business decisions offers organizations an opportunity to streamline resource investment into only majorly lucrative and successful endeavours.  


Improved Internal Efficiency  


The real-time data provided by market analytics helps businesses understand existing market conditions, past market conditions and future trends. In order to stay competitive, businesses must remain flexible. Unexpected changes to industries occur all the time, the most recent being the ongoing global pandemic. If a business is not equipped with the information necessary to make better internal decisions. Conducting activities, as usual, could drain resources without the desired result.  


In order to introduce stronger internal efficiency and effectiveness. Accounting for market analytics offers a more concentrated perspective to be considered by an organization. If a business is able to understand future trends, planning internal resources. Accordingly offers a leg up over competitors within the field. Meeting customer demands, even the ones they aren’t proclaiming outright, should be the primary goal of any business providing products/services/processes. Marketing analytics offer a deep dive into crucial customer information that could change how a business performs.  




Marketing Analytics  is not a new trend within the business world. However, the impact marketing analytics has on businesses in today’s corporate environment is undeniable. The migration of businesses to a digital space due to the pandemic has increased. The number of purchases happening on virtual spaces. This has also amplified the information provided by the growing number of consumers. Now forfeiting purchasing at brick and mortar locations.  


In order to thrive in the “new normal”, businesses harnessing marketing analytics are able to stay on top of evolving. Demand trends and understand what their customers need now. As a result, their growth is significantly more sustainable than organizations that neglected to incorporate. Marketing analytics into their business strategies.  

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