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Food and Drink

Homemade vs. Packed juice: Which one is better?

Why juice is important for our health?

People nowadays are so aware of their bodies that they go to great lengths to maintain excellent health. Juice are used to keep our bodies healthy as well as to curb undesired hunger. Nutrients and vitamins are found in large quantities in fruits and vegetables. Food material inside the human body can be quickly broken down by juices.

It is a simple, inexpensive, and tasty way to increase your fruit and vegetable intake. Furthermore, 100 percent juice is naturally fat-free and sodium-free, just like the fruits and vegetables it is prepared from. Juice has many health benefits, it is vital for your health to drink juice in moderation.

How fresh homemade differ from packed juice?

To save time and to make it comfortable people prefer to purchase packaged juice from malls, departmental stores, and shops to keep the juices on the go. As per the users of packaged juice, preserved juices well packed are healthier and better than homemade juice.

The packed juices have a six-month or one-year shelf life. Preservatives are commonly added to packaged juice to extend their shelf life. The nutritional content of juices is greatly reduced as a result of the addition of chemicals. They also include extra sugars and artificial flavors to keep the taste, but the added sugars can cause weight gain, while the preservatives and artificial flavors lower the nutritious value of the juice. Consumption of packed juices is harmful to diabetics who are unable to control their blood sugar levels.

In the context of the above-given point, one fact is worth to be considered: A variety of canned fruit juices are available in the market. It’s always better to drink made from fresh fruits. However, a particular fruit may not be available at all times of the year or in every location. Fruits are frozen or kept in the form of juice for this reason. Chemical preservatives and additives are used in various amounts. This could be harmful to one’s health.

Benefits of freshly squeezed juice

  • More Fiber

Soluble fibre, a form of fibre that supports healthy bacteria growth and digestive health, is abundant in fresh juices. It has been demonstrated to decrease cholesterol, manage blood sugar levels, and slow the passage of food through the digestive tract. Some grains, almonds, and beans contain soluble fibre, but fruit and vegetable juice is a delicious and healthful way to obtain your daily amount. Almost three grams of beneficial soluble fibre can be found in both apple and orange juice.

  • Good quality fruits or vegetables

Homemade juices are prepared from good quality fruits and vegetables that are fresh too. Packaged juice, somehow lack this. You can prepare a drink with good quality fruits or vegetables if you produce juices at home. Because they are generated from the nutrients found in the fruits and homemade juices contain natural nutritious components. Homemade juices don’t have any artificial tastes or nutrients. Therefore they keep their nutritional value.

  1. Other pros of homemade juice include:
  • No preservatives
  • Original nutrient value remains the same
  • No artificial flavors added to homemade juice
  • Good quality and fresh fruit or vegetable drink
  • No colour added
  • Hydration

On contrary to packaged juices, you can squeeze homemade juices freshly thus it delivers a huge amount of water to your body. This water aids the body’s digestion of carbohydrates derived from the juice’s natural sugars, as well as vitamins, minerals, and enzymes derived from the complete food source. Keeping your body hydrated aids in the production of energy, the activation of your metabolism, and the preservation of the health and flexibility of your skin.

Cons of packaged juices

  • Loaded with sugar substitutes, caffeine, and stimulants like Taurine, and this is what packaged juices are really.
  • They cause tooth decay due to excessive sugar consumption from energy drinks.
  • Energy drinks can cause high blood pressure, anxiety, sleeplessness, and heart palpitations if consumed regularly.
  • The loss of water-soluble vitamins and minerals caused by their ingestion causes severe dehydration.
  • An issue with energy drinks is the lack of transparency.
  • Packed juices can not improve your health or happiness


Trust more on homemade fresh juices instead of packaged juice, packaged ones may be easier to get, ready to serve, but they are not completely ready to serve your health better- the main purpose for which you are taking juice. Packed juices, however, will always be easier and ready to use for you, but dear friends what matters most is your health so why not rely on homemade juice even if it takes a bit of your time and labor.

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