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Gojek Clone Script: All the Basics That You Must Know

Gojek clone script by name is the complete architecture of code. It is a pre-built structure that can be customized accordingly. In short, the entrepreneur who wants to rebrand or customize it doesn’t have to spend all the hard-earned money on building the app. This script is made to replicate the original Indonesian Gojek app.


The app offers a number of different services from various genres such as transportation and logistics, on-demand service providers, on-demand delivery of goods, and so on.

Gojek Clone Script

The script for the Gojek clone – KINGX 2022 app includes 7 major components, two of which are the latest additions to the app.

  1. Taxi booking online
  2. On-demand service providers
  3. On-demand delivery from store, shop, or mall
  4. Parcel delivery
  5. Delivery Genie and Delivery Runner
  6. Online video consultation with the doctor, lawyer, yoga instructors, and even astrologers
  7. Service bidding with handymen like carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc.

Well, this app offers multiple services that no other mobile application does. Well, the two newly added components are the main attractions of the Gojek clone script because:

  • The users don’t have to worry about stepping outside their homes or making manual calls to get their services.
  • Online payment is supported in both cases eliminating the stress of cash payments.
  • The users can choose their service providers after a thorough inspection of their profiles, ratings, reviews, and even the photo gallery.

These services are synergized by the apt features of the app made with some of the amazing and latest technologies like Java, Node.js, Swift, Socket Cluster, and many more.

Why Gojek Clone Script?

Multi-service in one hand!. Yes. A time to book any service in any place now running. Gojek Clone is a best-in-class platform that connects the range of service providers with the customers in the digital form. Taxi, delivery, handyman, etc. Services can be in any form. Upgrading all services online via the opt Gojek clone allows the customers to get the fulfillment instantly. Be a stunning multi-service business owner now!

Gojek clone app is an on-demand multi-service app solution including transport services, on-demand delivery services, and handyman services.


The features of this app are the backbone that makes the service delivery and the overall user experience nothing less than a miracle! Let’s look at some of the most attention-catching features.

  1. Book a taxi with iWatch

This feature allows the Apple users owning an iWatch to book a taxi ride right from their smartwatch itself. The iWatch screen lets the user add their current location and destination, choose the taxi type, select a preferred payment method, and even get the diver’s details.

The user only has to download and install the iWatch rider’s app either on their iPhone from iOS App Store or directly on the watch from the iWatch App Store.

  1. Smart login with biometric authentication

The Gojek Clone KINGX 2022 app has gone a step ahead with its security features. Now, the app user can choose to activate the smart login from the app settings. So, if the user is using the Android App, they can simply log in via fingerprint scanning. Whereas, if the user has an iPhone, then they can login to the app using their Face ID.

This feature has stamped out the hassles of remembering passwords and usernames every time the user would want to login and book a service.

  1. Instructions for the delivery driver via voice notes

This is one of the most useful features that allow the users to instruct the delivery driver where to drop the items, how to park their two-wheeler, etc. The app user can record and upload the voice message on the app itself once they have placed the order and it has been accepted by the provider.

However, the voice note is only available to the driver after they have picked up the order.


Here was everything ‘basic’ about the ready-made multi-services app solution that an entrepreneur must know. It takes nothing but only a couple of minutes to send an inquiry email to the white-labeling experts or to simply call them up.

What are you waiting for?

Such dazzling business opportunities don’t shower every time. So, while you’re reading this blog, now is the time to connect with sales representatives!

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